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Is there an easier way?

Is there an easier way to search through the recipe section? I seem to be having some trouble with it.Say I go to page 5 and see a recipe I like so I click on it..then when I am done and want to proceed to the next page how do I? I always end up stuck back at page 1.At the risk of sounding dumb here I really need some help.


  • I have to either right-click and do "open a new tab" or "open in a new window" instead of clicking directly to the recipe. It brings it up that way, but you still have the page you were on. If this makes sense. I am terrible at explanations.



    I have the same problem joliepolie!

  • I "right click" and open in a new tab also. It's a real nice feature. I can open up several GoneRaw windows and they're all grouped together so I can see what I'm working with at a glance.

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