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Ani Phyo's book

I bought this book yesterday and I really enjoyed reading it! She has such a great attitude and outlook, not just on a raw foods diet but life in genreal. I haven’t tried any recipes yet, has anyone tried any that they would reccomend?


  • Hi elizabeth,

    I agree her recipes are awesome! I’ve made her simple dolmas as well as her Kreamy Kurry Dressing which is da bomb! Not sure if they are in the book I got them from her utube videos.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    If you ever figure out how to get the burger-patty recipe to look like the picture she has… let me know! I tried that recipe hoping to get the same results… but mine looked pale.

  • I’ve made a ton of recipes from her book. I love their simplicity. I especially like the breakfast recipes, “rice” dishes and the “save the tuna pate.”

    Germin8, did you dehydrate the patties? Mine were pale at first, but they darkened up a bit in the dehydrator. My end result, served on the sunflower bread, looked just like the picture on the cover and didn’t fall apart when I ate it.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I did not dehydrate them. I will try that next time. Maybe I should have used brown flaxseed instead of gold flaxseed too. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the advice! Today I wanted to make the Kreamy Kurry dressing but I don’t have an apple, so tomorrow I’ll grab one. I’m also looking forward to making Kreamy Avocado soup and the “tuna pate”.

  • Oh yeah, I did use brown flaxseed for the burgers, but they still got darker in the dehydrator.

  • This was my first raw book purchase. I’ve made many of the recipes. Some of my favs include, almond cinnamon oatmeal, coconut breakfast cakes, mediteranian dolmas, and the confetti salad. I made the the burritos last night with the baja cheese and taco nut meat. I must say everything was delicious, but the cabbage leaf will be replaced next time with something a little easier to chew. I use golden flax for the burgers.

  • I love the “tomato basil bisque “soup it’s become one of my fav recipe !!! And i love the brocoli mash is reallyyy good 2 , i agree that the meditarrian dolma are really delicious!!!

  • I just ordered her book based on your recommendations and the reviews on Amazon. I like that the reviews say her stuff is simple to make. I also ordered her book on web design. This is a great site, but it’s costing me money!

  • http://youtube.com/results?search_query=ani+phy… You can have some of her recipes on youtube.

  • This was the first raw recipe book I purchased. I have made a lot of the recipes from this book and they have all been very good. A couple were a little too salty for my taste, but I adjusted for that the next time I made them and they were great. The burritos were a hit even with my non-raw family. YUM!

  • Lucy, thanks for the link. I’m coming back to raw after a long absence and this site is really helping.

    Rawgramma, Doncha love it when non-raw SAD eaters go wild for your food? I almost always prepare raw when friends come over and it’s so satisfying to hear the orgasmic yummy sounds out from people who would never think of going raw.

  • my fav cookbook and my first one too, i love her burgers they actually remind me of stuffing, so its on the menu for thanks giving…her save the tuna pate is a staple! love her ideas, love her dog!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I don’t have her book yet but I watched her clips on youtube. Those donut holes are magnificant and actually taste like a nutritional version of a donut hole. They are one of the first things I made and took them to work, raw class, and to my family. Everone loved them. Another great thing is that because they are made with all dried ingredients, you can make them and have them available as needed.

  • You have to try the navel orange smoothie.It is the best ever,and my favorite.

  • i also made the donut holes. they are really great and do the trick to satiate any sweet tooth you may have after a meal. my entire family loves her apple pie. all of her mylks and smoothies are AmazING! i don’t have a dehydrator so i really love that only a few of her recipes require it.

  • Ani’s book is my first and only uncook book. I bought it after watching her on youtube. That video was my introduction to raw food. I made the apple pie recipe first and loved it! I actually wrote one of the reviews of her book on amazon I was so excited about it. I have since tried many recipes and have loved them all. Especially the desserts.

    Do any of you have suggestions on what my next raw uncookbook should be? I am hoping santa brings me some!

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