Muffin Cravings

I've been trying to go raw for a while now but summer seems like it's finally here and so I'm finally making raw food into a lifestyle. I'm only eating one cooked vegan meal a day (usually something with lots of protein). I just worry that I'm eating too many carbs and not enough protein. And I have the WORST cravings for muffins. They're my absolute favorite kind of food but I always feel so guilty eating them. Any tips for staying raw and avoiding the muffin cravings? Or any tips on the protein front?



  • sv3sv3

    Welcome along shannon5105!

    Try doing an advanced search on this site and enter Muffins, then tick the recipes option and you'll find quite a few ideas.

    I haven't tried any myself but always fancied the look of the blueberry ones.

    In regards to the whole protein/carbs thing, you really don't need a diet high in protein. It's a myth which drives many raw fooders mad!

    Check out some of the other posts on this site for more info on why you dont actually need a large % of protein.

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