Weird detox? Advice?

How is this for weird. I’m really sick today. It hit out of the blue at midnight on my way home from the Police Concert. ( FUN! ;-)) I had a glass and one half of wine but this is not a hangover despite a raging headache ( still) I have not been sick like this since I first went raw back in Feb. Now I will say that yesterday I took an hour long sauna but replaced with lots of fluid throughout the day and I did a castor oil pack on my chest. I also started injesting red clover ticture with water.Why? Just found out I need a follow up mammo for calcification in one boob which freaked me out so I’m taking no chances. Anyhow…. Could this be related to the additional detox from castor oil/red clover yada, yada, yada.??


  • I havent been at this long myself and am not 100 percent raw yet, but i had two glasses of wine the other night with dinner and felt like major crap around two in the morning after going to bed at 11 or so. it had a screamer of a head ache and was nauseous. felt achey and flu like. I got up at my usual time (the cooler air felt good) then i took a a nice long sweaty bike ride after my green smoothie breakfast. and feel tired but healthy now….as sensative as ive become in a short period of time i dont think it unreasonalbe that perhaps your system is rebeling against the wine?

  • You know you could be right. I’m feeling better now. And the wine at the stadium bar came in two varieties- crappy red and crappier white!!!;-) served in a plastic beer cup. I am become finiky these days! LOL.

  • I think Sting eats a lot of raw food. Were there free green drinks and curry nori crackers?

    While of course there must be a genetic component to cysts and breast cancer, I did hear something odd a couple of weeks ago so I’ll just pass it along. There seem to be a lot of anecdotes that women who stop wearing their bras are able to get rid of cysts. The idea has to do with the lymph system not being able to operate properly while the breasts are constricted. Hogwash? possibly.

    Here’s a link to some anecdotes—

    treatment of fibrocystic breast disease

    On the other hand, it’s well accepted that tight briefs effect sperm count. So perhaps the idea that clothing could somehow influence a bodily function isn’t all that crazy.

    All sorts of spicy foods are good for treating aberrant cells. Here’s a news story on cayenne attacking the mitochondria of unhealthy cells. (don’t take cayenne everyday though. After a few days the capsaicin blunts the nerve endings and effects the cells ability to recognize cancer.) so a few days on and a few off.

    cayenne, cancer’s achilles heel

  • Avo Cado, I’ve read the same thing about bras and needless to say I have been going commando as much as possible! For vanity’s sake my almost 40 year old girls need a little lift in public! But at home I’m hanging free. Interestingly I have been wearing two new bras recently and they seem to pinch on my left side ( which is where the calcification is) So I’ll won’t be wearing them for a while!

    BTW I love spicy food so that’s good news!!Chowed on raw Kimchee last night.:-)

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