Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Hi Everyone!

My parents and sisters currently live in the Dallas area and I am thinking about moving back there from the Tri-State area(i lived there for two years in hs). But I was wondering is there a raw community out there at all?? My fiance and I live in connectiut now and we love having access to farmers markets, great raw food places (in CT and NY) etc. and we don't want to move where it will be a complete stuggle to get our basic groceries. So let me know if anyone lives in DFW and/or knows about the raw food community there. Thanks!!!


  • There is a small but growing raw food community. Check meetup.com and look in the Dallas area; there are currently about three active raw food meetup groups. There is alsoa raw restaurant that just opened, called Bliss Raw Cafe. So, you will find other raw foodies here. :-)

    We also have four amazing grocery stores; Whole Foods, Central Market (sells raw unpasteurized juice!) ; Roy's Natural market (lots of specialized raw ingredients) and Natural Grocers.

    There are a few Farmer's Markets -- Dallas has a huge one and there is also one in Carrolton that is supposed to be pretty good . I don't know if they are organic though. There are also about 3 or 4 CSA's (community supported agriculture farms) that I know of, the problem is that they are ALWAYS full -- we've tried to get on a few times, no dice. They are also really far from the metroplex (at least 45 minutes) and don't deliver, to my knowledge, so driving all the way out there every week is a bit of a hike.

    However, I think that if you really want to live in Dallas , you will find most of your raw food needs met.

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