Breast Cancer

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New to raw and glad to have found out about the benefits of raw foods as I begin my journey. About to start chemo and along with chi gong I am going raw . Glad to have found this site as I need a little help wth reciepies. If anyone has has gone raw because of cancer I would to love to hear from you and gets some tips.


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    I am sure transitioning to raw diet will help and strenht your inmune system.I am sure more people will come and give you better tips and advice since i am kind of new to the vegan lifestyle. Really hope you get better and God Bless!!!

  • Cured.

    Look up Kombucha

  • I actually have a book called "A Cancer Battle Plan" I had precancerous cells that I normalized with juicing, low saturated fat, and high fruit/vegetable intake. I feel so strongly about nutrition being able to cure cancer, that i would love to send you the book. I have no need for it now. It would probably only cost me $2 to send it in the mail. Let me send it to you. It was of great resource to me.

    One note through my journey, it speaks of enemas. I would suggest instead the master cleanse. I would suggest that pronto. before chemo. stall chemo as long as you can. If you're not dead yet, you still have time. Nutrition can and will heal you. You must believe it is possible. Chemo is not the answer. (sorry i feel so strongly about that, it's from my own personal experience.)

  • hi cured. good luck to you on your fight against cancer. i don't have it but i found a website that might interest you. i have been surfing different raw forums & i found this one from the other site & found it very interesting. i hope this helps. . there are a lot of things that you can learn from it. again good luck & i will include you in my prayers.

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