Spoiled Green / Superfood smoothies?

Hey all!

I'm brand-spanking new to the raw lifestyle, but I haven't made the plunge just yet (I am in the process of moving, and I knowing me, I will be able to stick to a 100% for a month challenge once I am clear of all SAD food from sight at home)!

I wanted to ask, is it possible for a green smoothie to spoil throughout the day if it was blended with fresh, refrigerated vegetables (and non refrigerated fruit)? And at the same token, can a superfood smoothie containing strawberries, blueberries (both refrigerated) and acai powder become spoiled after hours since it has been made?

I hope this does not sound as stupid as I think it is! I am totally unclear when it comes to fruits and vegetables and when their nutritional value reaches a depression (well, besides learning about the dangers of cooked food, of course, haha).

Thanks so much for your wisdom!

Lets continue to shine our positive light onto this world,



  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    The smoothie will start to separate, just shake it to blend it back up. Its best to consume them as soon as possible b/c the nutrients will start to die a bit. Also they taste better fresh. Consume your smoothies within 24 hrs- after that they start to taste off. Just keep your smoothies in an air-tight container (glass jar with tight lid works well), with as little room for air as possible in the refridge and you'll be ok.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    your smoothie will last all day. i've made them in the morning and then all of a sudden, i get in the mood for something else so i just leave the smoothie in the fridge until i want it. just blend it again before you drink it.

  • Awesomeness! Sorry for the late response, but THANKS for your thoughts guys! :-D

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