O hai thar!


I woke up four days ago and decided to go raw, its been three days and I'm enjoying it quite a bit :D Its quite a fascinating way to prepare food. I went vegan 4 months ago, wish I could have done it all sooner, but my job didn't really give me the option to fit that into my life at the time (cooked professionally) ... then I lost my job! Yay (kinda sorta not really). With no employment in the foreseeable future I made a very easy transition into veganism (helps having a vegan husband :D ).

I'm armed only with a crappy, but useful stick blender and food stamps! Its working beautifully so far.

Now, I'm off to find a good way to use my left over almond meal from making milk!


  • cheers. everything happens for a reason. I had this feeling I should befriend a girl angela at work. she invited me to a raw food potluck. we came home. a week later my boyfriend left for three weeks, i did the master cleanse for the first time, he came back, and now me and him are mostly raw. 3 months in and loving it. follow the universal flow it will lead you where you need to go.

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