best place to live??

hi i really want to move and have a new life- can anyone recommend great places to live in the world and the reasons why. i want somewhere i can still buy fresh fruits veg nuts and coconut oil- thankyou


  • Best place to answer probably isn't what you are looking for. To me, the best place to live is around friends and family who love you. A place you can find a decent job so you can support yourself and your loved ones (and afford to buy lots of healthy foods). Take into consideration what kind of weather you enjoy. I love the changing of the seasons.

    Living in the tropics would bum me out (however beautiful it is, I still like fall and winter). To others, it would be heaven. Thanks to the modern world, you can get fresh fruits and veggies most places.

    If your purely talking raw fruits and veggies (nothing else) in abundance- definately somewhere tropical.

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    If you mean, where can you live where people won't think your odd to eat raw, then my guess would be somewhere like NYC, LA or Chicago (although, there are only 2 or 3 raw restaurants in Chicago). Or, Florida. I can't remember which city, but there were a few raw restaurants there too - maybe Tampa?? I vote for NYC - the best of everything (and you have all the seasons too)...

  • I agree with sisterbecky, i find that i am the most happiest when around my family, granted my family is awesome, and super supportive haha. I live on vancouver island (B.C Canada) and it is absolutely beautiful! A great place on the island would be Victoria, it has TONS of markets, and even if you don't live downtown, its so close to everywhere you can just walk! I love it there :) it is also very supportive of vegan/raw foodist people, even Sarah Kramer co author of "how it all vegan" and MANy other vegan books lives there! annnnnnnnd now i feel creepy knowing that lol.

  • thanks sister becky- i do want to start a fresh somewhere tho- be independent-

    carrie 6292 u have totally made my mind up- ny is the place- cheers!

    crystalk canada seems brill country to get fresh fruits and stuff- very helpful thanks

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    I will state that the west coast (Seattle and Portland) are the most Vegan and vegetarian friendly cities in this country so if thats important then you should consider that but I just moved BACK to California after 12 years of living in Seattle. I realized the sun is very important to my state of mind. I would also agree with the first reply. Being around people who love you is so damn priceless. I just moved away from my best friends and my parents and now I am thinking "What the hell did I just do". Luckily I moved with my boyfriend that I'm madly in love with so I have amazing support around me. I made him move from Seattle so we are very much eachothers support systems.


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