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Mucus is RUINING my sleep! help + I'm going crazy



  • Have you read "The Body Ecology Diet?," by Donna Gates? Sounds like your immune system and digestive tract is out of wack. Smart that you cut out dairy. Now cut out all sugar, including honey (I never heard that was good for allergies - do tell?), right now and read this book. While it does not recommend a strictly raw diet you can definitely tailor a raw diet to work with this one.

  • I use a neti pot to help get rid of mucus if I am feeling congested. It took some getting used to but works well. Here is a good summary I found about the neti pot from here http://www.ehow.com/about_5101828_treatments-mucus-throat.html:

    "Nasal Irrigation

    Cleaning out your sinuses, or nasal irrigation, is a good way to avoid throat mucus. Neti pots, which look similar to small teapots and can be purchased in any drugstore, are commonly used to break up and remove built-up mucus in the sinuses and the throat. The spout of the Neti pot is inserted into one nostril, and with your head tipped to the side, the solution will either run out the other nostril or down the back of your throat. A solution of salt water with baking soda is generally favored for nasal irrigation. "

    I use just a tiny bit of salt and luke warm water. Perhaps that might be a solution for your mucus?

  • Thank you raw Jules. I think i'll go to the book store tonight & check it out. I know for sure my digestive track is messed up. I try very hard to correct it & it never stabilizes. I have a feeling my immune system isn't so hot either. The only sugars I am eating is from honey & fruit. Should I cut out fruit too? I tend to have absolutely no energy without it.

    The thing with the honey if you eat raw local honey it can help with allergies. Being local, the bees made that honey with any pollen you may be allergic too. I know in my old town in the Bay area there were these trees planted everywhere that had blossoms that made my allergies go crazy. I ate 2 TB of raw local honey from there and my allergies cleared up in a couple days. Seeing as the honey isn't working now it leads to think this may not be allergies and something physically wrong like what you mentioned above.

    The only dairy I was eating was a little grated raw cheese in my salads. cutting that out made no difference. But I am going to continue keeping it out of my diet for now.

  • Satchy. Thank you. I will check that out.

  • Does anyone know anything about my emotional distress I am experiencing. any herb that may help. My anxiety isn't as big as a problem as this negative energy thing is. to be honest I'm very frightened. I was barely holding on a thread last night, I almost lost total control. I'm afraid next time It will be worse.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    OK. here's my take. you are EMOTIONALLY DETOXING. i myself am going through emotional detox myself, just different than yours. The Rage feeling is scary, but its necessary for you to feel it to get it out of your system. I would recommend maybe reading a book called "theta healing" it's a little wacko, but it has some really really great stuff in it, that makes the book entirely worth it. She talks about getting down to root causes of these emotions, and sickness. Do you eat alot of onions, pepper? stuff like that? i know that a lot of onions and my nose will run like crazy. You might need to do some more drastic detox measures like the master cleanse, water cleanse/ watermelon cleanse, something to additionally help out all this gunk. Then who knows what the benedril is doing to you. IMHO these things don't clear until you find the root cause.


    They make it sound like it might be candida

    Here's a thread on another forum with someone with the same issue.

    Sickness sucks :( hope you feel better soon.

  • For the mucus... go out and get yourself a nice big bunch of olives and chow down!

    Olives are a natural mucus dissolver.

    Tasty ones! - http://www.sunfood.com/buy/1/1/235/Olives--Kalamata--10-oz---Sunfood-Nutrition--raw--sustainably-grown-/0380.aspx

    Haven't tried yet but cheaper! - http://www.rawguru.com/store/raw-food/kalamata-style-raw-organic-olives-20-oz.html

  • Oh wow thank you luxdivon. Hmmm the watermelon cleanse sounds a lot cheaper haha I was thinking and I do think I need to do some kind of drastic cleanse. Before I learned about raw I put my body through hell and also repressed a lot of feelings. I really need to find the light and some how move forward from where I am. Thank you for all that information.

    & kevbro thank you. I'll order some of those olives.

  • luxdivon. Oh my gosh i just read your old thread about you expelling those liver flukes. I saw the picture and ive been reading a lot. I had NO IDEA! I am SO grossed out. I wish I could get those out right now!!! (if there in there that is)

    Now I am seriously going to do a couple cleanses!! I also read the parasites can effect your mood. and with the way im feeling and have felt for a long time i hope this helps!

    I dont have money for the master cleanse just yet however I will do a couple other cleanses. A watermelon one for sure. maybe a 3 day cleanse every 2 weeks if that is safe. and also dedicate the 4th day from the fast with vegetable juice all day. I also want to try to stay in the high 90% raw.

    I hope maybe in a couple months i can do the master cleanse

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    yea we had also wanted to do the master cleanse now, but too broke to do it :( so i thinking about it, watermelon would probaby be a pretty good fast. If you google it seems like alot of good sites/info on it, and that you can do a good 3 day cleanse with it. I haven't done it, but i've heard good things.

    yea, the liver flukes were CRAZY! i'm not entirely convinced i got them all, time will tell..

    Just know with the emotions thing, if you can let yourself experience the emotion, ask yourself why you are feeling that emotion i.e. rage, and then usually your subconcious will pull up more emotions. here's an example..

    Someone asks me a question. I answer it. They ask me that same question again, and I feel enraged. Why do i feel enraged. I already answered it. but why does it bother me i have to answer it again. i feel like i'm not being listened to. Has this every happened before? with whom? Did he/she make you feel like they weren't listening to you? how does that make you feel. Angry. Enraged. I feel invalidated. I feel ignored. I'm not 'valid' as a person. I am not important. I am not loved. Those are the core emotions(negative). Then it is important to take the next steps. to Reject that thought, and to say it is not true. "it is not true" and to say aloud (helps if you say it a few times) I am valid. I am valid as a person. What I say is valid. etc. That is one that is SO TRUE for me, that I figured it might be a good example, of getting down to a core issue. Once that sinks into who you are, then you don't get enraged, you can take it with a grain of salt :) hope this helps. so been down that destructive emotional path (it was for like 7 years) and getting to a point of emotional stability has me happier then i've ever been in my life. ok. my novel is now complete :)

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    This was a little bit spontaneous, but me and my fiancee are going to do a 3 day watermelon fast starting tommorow! feel free to join in if you want. :) Hopefully it'll be a good cleanse.

  • I am going to do a watermelon cleanse probably in two days. I got a load of vegi's in the fridge that need eating and im soaking some pumpkin seeds for a salad tomorrow plus i made a huge batch of this awesome lemon, grapefruit, orange water stuff, enough for tomorrow before a workout . so yeah in 2 days im gonna go that watermelon detox. Good luck with yours!!! :D

  • OMG! Luxdivon!!! You are NOT going to believe this!!!!!!! This is probably the CRAZIEST coincidence!!!!!! That lemon, grapefruit, orange water stuff I mentioned. I drank a HUGE amount in just a matter of a couple minutes. Anyways right after I wrote this last comment I felt like I needed to go the bathroom really bad. I went and I SWEAR TO GOD i think there were liver flukes in it!!!!!!!!! From what I could tell 3. I really think it was the citrus stuff I made that helped.

  • Just a thought, In one of Dr.Ann Wigmores books she talks about using wheatgrass juice as a nasal decongestant.

    What you do is basically snort up a small amount of wheatgrass juice from the palm of your hand, and then hold in as long as possible and then BLOW. It is said that it will pull loads of mucus out of your sinuses.

    I have never had problem with lots of mucus but I have had a friend do it and he said it worked really well.

  • Thanks nancyk but I actually think maybe if I drink lemon-orange juice it will help the mucus. I noticed last night it went right away and I slept so soundly. I'm going to try again today when the mucus comes back. (Assuming it does) lol

  • Liquid Oregono, 5 drops in a gel cap every few hours. Research online.. better, more effective than antibiotics, kills yeast, fungus

  • internettouristinternettourist Raw Newbie

    I take 2 oregano oil pills a day. One of the posters already recommended oregano oil.

  • I second the emotional detox. Wow, it can be intense, I've experienced it too, as we probably all have. It's great to go through this though, because it shows us just how much emotion we've repressed! That's ok because it's unavoidable sometimes. We are all learning how to heal our emotions AND be more real in an uplifting way. Meanwhile, let it flow (in a safe spot). Considering this and the mucus issue, I can tell you for sure that COLONICS are your best friend. If you are able to do them once a week while you've got these two issues, you will see a radical shift for the better. That's been my experience. If you're going to do enemas at home instead then you've really got to do them every day for a while to make a difference. Colonics are so much easier and much more efficient in the long run.

    If you're really freaking out, then take milk seed thistle extract (silymarin) to detox your liver (the seat of anger in holistic medicine) in the mornings and Kava tea (very relaxing ) in the evenings. It will help. But kava is one of those herbs that must only be taken in a two weeks on, two weeks off pattern so make sure to follow that, or else your liver will be even more stressed out. But COLONICS. That's the answer.

  • Uh blah a colonic?? I tried that before, I...no, never again. lol Im starting the watermelon cleanse tomorrow. I'll do some thinking and decide what my next move will be.

    And thank you guys for the advice about the oregano oil. I'm going to get myself some.

    btw past two days i drank fresh lemon-orange water...no mucus, today i didnt, and now i have lots of mucus, hence it being 2AM and im still awake.. :[ Im going to go drink some & see if it helps.

  • I discovered just the juice of one lemon mixed with a little bit of water before bed does the trick. Wow, rather easy solution to something that has been destroying my sleep for a long time.

    Well I tried to do the 3 day watermelon cleanse. Sorry if this is TMI. lol

    Day one: I ate a huge watermelon. Had much more than normal BM's.

    Day two: (Today) I ate a even bigger watermelon with absolutely NO BM. :[

    The whole day I have so ill. I would imagine that may of been detox but by about 1:00 in the morning my headache had progressed into a mind numbing migraine. I thought maybe I should just call it quits after two days & have a small spinach salad & maybe I'll feel better. I ate the salad. I still felt terrible. (Not to mention I was craving carbs like crazy) I couldn't think of what had carbs in raw food because my head hurt so bad. All that came to mind was bread. So I just had a piece of bread (from trader joes) and literally, in about 4 minutes my migraine disappeared.

    I know your supposed to listen to your body what I feel what went wrong is my body did not like all that sugar from the melon and obviously, I needed carbs. I feel bad I ate a piece of bread but I suppose it is better than trying get rid of the pain with Excedrin or something.

    I do however feel accomplished none-the-less. and now i HATE watermelon! lol And all other watermelons repulse me. haha

    Anybody else want to share their experience with this cleanse.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    megan lyne i'm so sorry to hear it was difficult. My day two i also had what was almost the unbearable headache.. i was only saved by the fact that it was wasn't constant. I think mine was entirely due to caffeine. I haven't had bread in months so i doubt mine was that. it was crazy to hear how your headache went away within 4 minutes of that. Well the good news is you like lemon-water.. that's really the best detoxer on the planet! so stick with that you'll be spic and span inside and out.. How long have you been raw for?

    p.s. the first day after our watermelon fast i have had coffee, 3 homemade chocolate chip cookies with all those forbidden ingredients, as well as a few hits off the herb. We did finish the night off with guess what some delightfully tasty watermelon. crazy existence we have here on earth.

  • I learned about raw this last February. It's been trial & error. When I learned about raw I had just stopped eating fast food...Then I removed red meat, chemicals, ..then dairy...then all other meat ect. I was still learning what was bad & what was good...I still am actually. I went raw for about 3 weeks. Felt awesome. but then i "relapsed" ...since then its been very hard but im back on track very strong now. ive been eating much more raw than i was for a little over a month now. And I finally got myself exercising a lot again. (which is key for my weight loss) Anyways...lets see, since february...i've lost a total of 43 pounds. Yay! :D I have a LONGGGGG way to go though.

    Thats hilarious luxdivon because the day after MY cleanse i had 3 homemade cookies. only they were pumpkin chocolate chip haha. (god those were crazy good) I wish I had some herb... *tear* lol

    What about you? How long have you been raw? Have you tried chia seeds yet? there are my new obsession. haha There so cool. After my husband & I have been working out we stick the water & meat of 2 young coconuts, two TB of chia seeds and some spinach leaves in our vitamix. makes you feel awesome. I also put soaked chia seeds in my salads.

  • When I did my watermellon cleanse I also had that nasty headhache, but I just slept through it because I knew that it is all part of the healing crisis. headaches, nausea and other sick feelings. If you do decide to try again my best advice is to do it when you don't have to work or go anywhere for that matter and try to sleep though the pain and remember that it is part of the cleansing process. IT SUCKS BIG TIME but in the long run it really is good for you.

    also the more water you drink the faster the toxins will be released from your body.

    ( I drink watermellon blended in vita mix since you only eat and drink the mellon )

    I have heard that detoxing from bread is super hard, it might have been the sugar your body wanted. Fruit is always a really good carb. if that is what you needed.

  • I don't think it was sugar. The bread I ate is sugar & sodium free. Theres actually very few ingredients in it. Really, I actually didn't know fruit was a carb. Hmm. I think at that moment if I had known fruit was a carb I would still eaten the bread because like I said I felt like I was having a HUGE sugar crash or something. Fruit did not sound appitizing lol

    Thats cool you guys got through it. The head ache was unbearable for me. I so sensitive to light, an nauseous ect. I was seriously close to vomiting. blarrrrrg lol

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    I have been raw 4 months! I just thought about it and realized I just made it to month 4! mostly raw at least ;p I ate my cooked food splurge last night hanging out with the neighbors, and had a chicken flauta. it was pretty good. however the bowl of blueberries i ate just a minute ago, was much better :) were you detoxing off caffeine at all? Congrats on losing 43 lbs. that is so awesome. i was proud of myself. i went swimming yesterday. i'm a slacker when it comes to exercise even thou i love to swim and dance. Believe in yourself, and you'll end right where you want to be. I have not tried chia seeds. I'll have to try them sometime. one last thought is that maybe you needed more help in exiting the poisins, via detox(bm) tea, salt baths, salt water flushes. on the master cleanse they say if you feel like crap you aren't doing enough to help the poisons out.

    nancyk70 - as wonderful as it sounds, i unfortunately literally can not afford to miss even an extra couple days of work. I think if i ever had some money saved up, and was between jobs i would do a water fast, and just stay in bed the whole time. The watermelon fast was ok. I think i would do the master cleanse again before the watermelon cleanse. I did love how my skin glowed on watermelon thou! and very enjoyable to eat.

  • Wow 4 months. yay!!!!! No i didnt detox off caffeine. I tried to stay away from it as much as possible before i even learned about raw because it makes my depression & anxiety worse, and also makes it also harder to sleep at night.

    The majority of the time I cave in an have a SAD food the food doesnt taste near as good as i remember it tasting. Tonight i made burritos for everyone, i had a bite & it tasted hella different than it used to, and i think my favorite part was the raw onion, green onion & tomato haha. However...those cookies i had...MMMMMM. lol

    Yeah I still have one huge watermelon left so i think tomarrow and the next day i'll have half of that for a huge brunch. help get the cookie residue out haha

  • Ok so I have inspired myself to do the watermelon cleanse this weekend. I'm going to start on thursday morning

    I work night shift so tonight after midnight I eat watermelon and continue until sunday evening when I have to go back to work. I always do a cleansing when I have a 3 day weekend to do it.

    Believe me I can't take any days off work either. I am the only one working in my household due to well you know.... but I figure watermelon is cheap now got it for .59 cents a pound so it's perfect timing.

  • Dang I got my watermelon for 19 cents a pound lol.

    Good luck!

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    hey guys... organic or unorganic? could you tell? ours was organic, .50cents a pound and we spent 60 dollars! it was still worth it.

  • Ooooh so jealous yours was so cheap. Mine was "not certified" organic but was grown w/o pestisides by a local farmer. I go to a food co-op and shop at the local farmers markets for cheaper fresh foods.

    Thanks for the luck I'll let you know how it went on sunday night.

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