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Hey everyone, I am so happy to get back to a computer to give you an update! We are home in Arizona with my mom in toe. She did a great job of being raw until dinner for the 3 weeks we were in WA. Her blood sugars regulated, and became lower…under 100! Now, we have been home for 3 days and she has done a great job of being all raw. She has had some minor detox symptoms (headache, tired, achy), but other than that, no problems. I am enjoying teaching her some fun, easy new recipes that she can take home with her. She has also lost a little weight, so that is a good motivator for her.

I do have some questions for those that have had/have diabetes (raw mama are you out there?). The trend with my mom has been that fruits in the morning and up until lunch is fine, with our without flax, almond, etc. to balance it out. But, if she has fruit after about 3-5pm, her sugars will go up significantly, even whem paired with flax, almond, etc. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi. That is great that you are working on battling diabetes. I have read that fenugreek , apple cider vinegar, alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon, and chromium pincolate work to stablize blood sugar.

    My gut feeling on this is to limit oils because the pancreas is trying to repair itsself. Any food that builds immunity is what should be focussed on.

    I hope the best for you!

  • Hi spiritedmama, I previously worked as the program coordinator at a lifestyle treatment center for diabetes. As such I frequently reviewed the lectures and sat in on medical appointments, but understand that I am neither an MD nor an RD. With that in mind here’s my thoughts. Blood sugars tend to go up based on the energy that is available and unused. (There is also a liver issue that can make sugars rise but that usually happens in the morning after waking and before eating.) Anytime you eat something that produces a great deal of energy ie glucose in the blood stream, you need to be prepared to use it. Something such as fruit can be a problem for some people in the evening if they are not as active. If she wants to eat fruit in the evening she should ideally go for a walk about an hour after eating it.

    Furthermore you need to look at what time you are tracking the sugars. The general rule of thumb is to check the sugars on waking, before each meal and exactly 2 hours after the previous meal was started, not finished. This way you can track which foods did what. If the sugars are up at the two hour mark, your mom should take a 20 minute stroll and then recheck. It is best to eat some fiber such as ground flax or chia seeds about 10 minutes before a meal to slow down the digestion. And know that in the beginning some people have to limit the fruits. Particularly tropical fruits.

    One of our docs always put his patients on a vegetable fast for the first three days, four cups of veggies per meal. Fiber was an option if the individual wished but 4 cups of veggies has a lot of fiber already. And everyone had the “prescription” of a 20 minute stroll following each meal. As well as additional exercise, because TypeII diabetes is essential too much energy in and not enough energy out.

    one last thing be sure she does not eat anything heavy in the evening as she wants to be in a “fasting state” by bedtime so her body can start to regulate and heal. Writeeternity is correct about the supplements but magnesium, vitamin D and B12 are also often low in diabetics. Check out the book the UVAdvantage for how to supplement with vitamin D. Her physician can check her levels of B12 as well. The only kind I personally recommend is one called No-Shot that is sweetened with stevia. Held under the tongue and not swallowed is recommended as the stomach tends to destroy it before it reaches the intestines. Green smoothies I understand help B12 levels as well. Hope this helps sorry if it’s too wordy. I tend to error o the side of excess!

  • one last thing: my favorite MD moved to Sedona a year ago and has a practice called RoomService. He sees patients at home rather than in an office. He is an excellent physician and one of the best at treating diabetes with lifestyle. If he is available he could be a great help to your mom. He eats some raw, but is totally plant based and in my experience supportive of someone who would want to be 100%. If you are interested I will email you his contact information.

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    brenilou & W.E. thanks for the great advice! I have a fairly strong knowledge base of diabetes, but always want to learn more. I am very hopeful for my mother and want to support her in her goal to get off insulin.

    Brenilou, I would love the info. on the doctor in Sedona. My email is sunnyot@gmail.com


  • just one last note that you may already know (but someone reading this may not). There is now something in the medical field they call type 1 1/2. It is a designation that is used for people who have type II but their pancreas has actually stopped producing anymore insulin, or produces so little that additional insulin is always required. There is a test that shows how much insulin the pancreas is still making. Not many doctors use it as their goal isn’t really to get people off of insulin. But it’s good to have it run so you know exactly what you are dealing with. Not trying to discourage just inform. Generally the amount of insulin required can be drastically reduced if not totally eliminated. Sounds lik eyour mom is doing very well with sugars below 100 already!

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