Tongue Sores?

Well – after watching my raw journey for the past 6 months, my mom has finally decided to give it a try. yay! anyhow – after about a week of being 90%+ raw, she developed sores on her tongue. I figured it was just a detox symptom, and that they would go away shortly. Its been over a week now, and the sores are still there. They seem to be aggravated by certain foods (like tomatoes, and spicy things). Has anyone ever had this happen? Is it detox, or something else?



  • WeazelchefWeazelchef Raw Newbie

    The same thing happens to me.. i love tomatoes but they always give me sores if i eat too many. She will have to find foods that aren’t so acidic to dominate her diet and the acidic ones can be used sparingly or just not in bulk.

  • I had sores on the side of my tongue last week but I did not eat tomatoes. I am eating mostly fruit so I think it is a detox thing.

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