Can't stop eating

CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

Lately I have had an uncontrollable appetite. I can't stop eating, even when I feel full for some reason I keep going.

I'm not sure what it is exactly, it may have something to do with the week off I took last week where I was in Colorado doing a lot of camping, backpacking and climbing. I wasn't eating near as much RAW food as I usually do and I hardly got any greens that whole week, most of my raw food intake was fruits, dried fruits, nuts, etc. Most everything else was a free for all. I even allowed myself to indulge in some more unhealthy food choices during the trip. Some of that has carried over to being back, but working on getting back on the train.

Any advice for controlling this urges to keep eating even when I am full? It's not even always unhealthy stuff I am eating a lot of the time it's till raw foods I am eating.


  • liger99liger99 Raw Newbie

    I faced the same problem...I still do sometimes. For me, it was because I tried to use raw food as a filler for my emotional body instead of my physical body...but it doesn't work that way with raw. Unfortunately, I ended up slipping up pretty bad on SAD food. Now, I'm 100% back in raw and feeling great. But, I also realized something else:

    I was hungry. I'm a runner, so I do burn up a lot of calories. But, due to a poor body image, I used raw foods as an excuse to hide my eating disorder. It worked for a while...but once you go below a certain calorie limit for so long, your body says "HOLD IT!" and grabs all the food it can; raw or not.

    So, what probably happened to you is that you got addicted to the unhealthy foods (even if just a little). Us rawbies are more succeptible to binges. Once you got back on raw, your body realized it was starved of nutrients, and remembered all the nutrients it got when it was raw. So, it's getting back into its groove. Give it a couple more days.

    My binge was two weeks long, so it took about a week 100% raw to realize that it didn't need as many foods b/c it has its nutrients.

    I also have a question for anyone reading this: I've been takig a multi-vitamin lately, and it's been giving me some seriously bad food cravings: good or bad. When I don't take it I feel normal, but when I do, I just want to eat EVERYTHING in sight. It's just a regular multi-vitamin...does anyone know what this is about?

  • CalebCaleb Raw Newbie

    Ditch the multi-vitamin :) Do you think you really need it? I was taking a lot of supplements for a while thinking I needed them, but after reading Michael Pollen's books I realized I was likely getting everything I need and gave up everything except for a b-complex and omega3 supplement. I have been fine since then too. I also recently had blood work done and everything came back perfectly fine.

    Thanks for the response too. What you are saying sounds pretty accurate I think. Today has been a little bit better. Hopefully I can refrain from eating too much tonight at a friends bachelor party! Planning on making a portobello mushroom burger for myself :) Now hopefully I can stay clear of the beer.

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