Emotional Detox

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Just wondered how others on this forum cope with the emotional detoxing that being raw can often bring. I am an on and off raw foodist, (mostly on), but when I am 'off' it is largely for emotional reasons. Yet obviously, self medicating with non-raw foods just makes me feel worse. So I have no idea why I put myself through such misery! I'm pretty high raw at the moment, but I feel like I might have an emotional detox coming on. Advice?


  • Oh yeah. I completely understand. There are some days were ALL I think about is cooked food: when I can get it, how I can get it, how I can hide it, etc! I tell myself how it's "okay" but then after I eat it, I have SUCH regret!

    Recently I had that same feeling and I just slept it off! I went straight to bed, and in the morning, I wanted an apple and not a hamburger!

    Also, eat your greens! I can get a huge tub of baby spinach and "emotionally" pig out on it and be satisfied, and feel physically great! I just think of baby spinach as "my" potato chips!

    So, go to sleep, eat your greens, or just distract yourself!! OR if you're still in a transition period, settle for some steamed veggies or rice instead of a hamburger or other crappy SAD foods. I allow subway's veggie delite sub about once a week if I'm heavily craving.

    Let us know how you are!

  • first, come here. blog. vent. say how you feel. everyone will understand and give you encouragement :) and i say if you know it's coming..make yourself a batch of super delicious raw tasty treats (i'll leave my recipe below, just in case it might work for you_ then we it comes, let yourself go and binge on the delicious raw treats. it allows your body to do what it normally does, but is getting something it can actually use.. To me that seems alot better than SAD food. Or if you're craving... go out to eat... and do like i did one day... We went to magnolias this great great restaurant in austin, and i ordered salmon that had steamed veggies and rice. It was delicious.. and although i felt like i cheated, it was way easy to get right back to raw.

    chocolate strawberry pistachio cookies.

    1/4 cup ground pistachios

    1 strawberry

    1 tablespoon agave nectar

    3 figs

    3 dates

    2 teaspoons organic cinnamon

    1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder


    remove shells from pistachios, grind in coffee grinder place in bowl

    Add cocoa powder and stir with a fork.

    Cut figs and dates into slices to put in food processor

    process figs, dates, cinnamon, strawberry and agave nectar in food processor till well combined.

    Add dry mixture.

    Form into flat cookie shapes.

    Refrigerate for 1 hour, turning every half hour.


    :) they are heaven-sent

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    Luxdivon - these cookies sound devine - will certainly give them a try. Maybe I should vent as well - that is part of my problem - I dont! Chattanoog - your idea of beefing up on the greens does have some merit. I have been boosting my juices with watercress. The tang gives things a bit of a kick and seems more filling that usual. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

  • I agree with what everyone said before.

    Having raw treats at hand has pulled me through so many times, when I knew it was all old stuff and patterns resurfacing.

    Also, sometimes it's 'good to fall off the wagon to see how crappy you feel and use that memory to keep you going strong. The last time I fell off it took me 3 days to eliminate the bad cravings and that memory is a real good deterrent not to do it again, or at least not so soon ;)

    Also wanted to add that having colonics when I was in deep detox mode (physically and emotionally) has really helped me get through it.

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