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essene bread

anyone ever eaten, or eat it still? what were the results?


  • I've only had Ezekiel bread (sprouted before baking). I liked it. Never tried the essene bread, but I have seen recipes if you want to make it yourself.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    essene bread is hands up the best bread i've ever had in my life. it's really dense and decadent-tasting (kinda like pound cake). i've never made my own, but my friend from poland sent me over a few loaves. i don't eat it anymore because i cut out grains, but i don't remember it messing up my digestion. you might as well try it just to see if you like it. i wouldn't mind eating it for my birthday though : )


    Yes I've had it as well, and just like joannabanana said it is really good. It tastes like a "real" bread loaf. I don't really eat it on a regular basis, but when I go to my raw potlucks, the woman who hosts them makes her own essene bread.

  • sv3sv3

    I'm very curious to try it but haven't got around to making myself and wouldn't have a clue where to buy it.

    Will def put it on my list of things to make/try.

  • you can go to a health food store or a bulk food store and buy wheat berries. you sprout them for a couple of days until they're nice and long, and then grind them. after that you can add whatever you want to them (like dried fruits, nuts, diced veggies), spread the mixture on a teflex sheet in a thick oval shape. you can dehydrate it or bake it at a low temperature.

  • I make essene bread. Its super easy and delicious. Sprout the grains a few days, grind them up with a little water and dry in the sun. Or a dehydrator. You can add sweeteners or herbs if you like. Its very good without any additions, though.

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