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Parents: Kid School lunches

What are your kids favorite school lunch recipes? I'm looking for yummie and easy!



  • I'm looking for the exact same thing...c'mon guys, we know you're out there = )

  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    Lol, this is exactly what I was looing for when I found this site. My daughter already told me to start finding something other than lettuce wraps with nut pate because she is so not eating that everyday this year! So, I'm eagerly awaiting some new ideas too!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Here are some ideas of lunches I pack for my 15 yo and my 4yo:

    - raw corn chips and salsa, raw bar, piece of fruit, and some nuts

    - raw flax crackers, dip of choice, bag of veggies, piece of fruit, and some nuts or a bar

    - bag of veggies, dip of choice, bag of raw trail mix, piece of fruit, raw bar

    - veggie sandwich (raw onion bread, mustard, raw hummus, sprouts, red onion, tomatoe, avocado, and spinach),

    some nuts, piece of fruit, and raw bar

    - raw bread with almond butter and raw jam, bag of veggies, and a piece of fruit

    These are what I have made so far this week for lunches, when I think of more ideas, I will post more!

  • lovinglivingfoodslovinglivingfoods Raw Newbie

    I home school but something I send when they go to friends houses are dehydrated Nori rolls. Just roll a good nut pate in it, we use hot spices like a jerky type spice and dehydrate. They are like pepperoni stick only vegan. Also avocado pudding (avocado, blueberries, pinch of cinnamon) is good.

  • lovinglivingfoodslovinglivingfoods Raw Newbie

    Oh and I like to sprout and dehydrate a bunch of nuts and seeds. Shred some coconut and then dehydrate. Toss it all together and add raisins then throw it in a bag as trail mix. They love it.

  • For school lunches I usually make my favorite salad, spinach, onions tomatoes and cucumber cut into strips with and avocado and celtic sea salt dressing. I pack the salad separate form the dressing and mix it in at school. I also like shredded brussel sprouts with lemon juice diced onion and olive oil. I carry lots of fruit in my purse. Apples, oranges, sometimes bananas. I once had a half watermelon for lunch. It was its own bowl. Raw bars are a good idea. I love cauliflower with Braggs aminos and olive oil as well. You can see some of my kid friendly recipes on my website too:


  • Thanks! Please keep adding suggestions. My son is a fussy eater!

  • rawlizardrawlizard Raw Newbie

    wonderful ideas, but do you have a recipe to get my kids to eat like that???? :)

    I wish my kids would...

  • when i started i pretty much just ate straight fruits. apples, oranges, bananas, im two years in and it took that long to get here but now I love it. time does things to you lol

  • When I'm babysitting my little half- sisters and I have to pack their lunches, their favorite is:

    shredded beetroot, carrot and lettuce, sultanas or raisins, balsamic vinegar (or lemon juice for 100% raw) and a tablespoon of coconut 'cream'.

    It's like a sweet, bright pink mush - I wrap it in lettuce with avocado, or in pita bread if their parents are around and insist on a 'sandwich'.

    another favorite is

    2 small apples, grated, 1/2 cup shredded, dehydrated coconut, chopped almonds & walnuts, sultanas or other dried berries - all mushed together. wrapped up the same, but with a slice of pineapple in place of avocado. SO GOOD IN SUMMER.

    then i pack a small bad of dried fruit, nuts and seeds

    fresh fruit

    sometimes some corn chips and carrot sticks with hummus

    sometimes fruit balls (chuck mixed, dried sticky fruit (dates, figs, apricots, raisins, berries) in the food processor with a bit of hot water and some nuts, shape into balls or bars and coat with finely shredded dehydrated coconut.

  • littlemarie, great web site. You are so talented and creative!

  • try easy stuff like fruit, and nuts, or you can do a raw , sweet bread with almond butter and "jelly" (mashed up raspberries) . my kids will now also eat spinach salad, crunchy vegetables, pickled vegetables, celery with dip of various kinds, and salsa. they also like raw corn chips. and raw pizza! .....they'll eat raw pizza out their ears.

  • littlemarie, your "Apple Duck" is totally, totally awesome!

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie
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