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Soon to be Raw Foodist!

Hi I'm Shay!! I'm 17 and live in VERY central Texas. I haven't started going RAW yet (I thought I'd read up more before hand). I've always been very sick, not with anything serious but I always felt crappy. I just thought I had a low immune system until someone brought up the food I ate could be the problem! I started searching for a healthier alternatives when I came across RAW and decided to slowly move from cooked food to raw food. It will be tough but I know it will be a whole lot healthier for me!!


  • Hey Shay!! I'm from East Texas--and raw foodists where I'm from are hard to come by. So many people are into good country cookin'!! Good luck! You'll love it in no time!

    Remember, sometimes it's best to keep it simple; greens help with the cravings, and lots of fruit to fill you up! Gormet meals are NICE if you got the cash and the time!

  • Yeah I know what you mean, I never even heard of a raw foodist until I went and visited the Houston area! This website helps a lot for me to understand everything about it. Thanks for the tips chattanoog!!

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Nice to have you here, Shay. I'm from Tennessee and there aren't many raw foodists here either. Having these forums really helps provide a sense of community. :)



  • Good luck Shay. I had a very difficult time with the raw food diet while living in Florida. I'm hoping for better success in Southern California, where there are farmers markets every day, and raw food restaurants easy to get to. I wish you success.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Really? Florida sounds like a great place to live for fruit! So many tropical varieties are grown there...sapodilla, mamey, jakfruit, mango, etc.



  • Yeah I have to drive a little while for a farmer's market but hey the prices are worth it!

    Right now I'm eating "raw till dinner" that way I won't be so tempted for cooked food.

    I find cooked food to be less appealing than before and I crave more greens! :D

    Thanks for the support Swayze and Anti-theist!

  • Hi!!...I'm new to raw foods myself....I'm from New Jersey and you hear about it but not much...everyone has such negative things to say and can't beleive you would LIVE like this...but that's really the point...you can't live if your constantly sick....I've been on many medications since I was sixteen and My mother is on three different Meds right now for blood pressure....So If this helps....what makes it a bad thing??...Is it the change??...Who knows but I am def a beginner and hopeing to get some insight here and support to keep me going....thank you so much!!...


  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Hi Julia and welcome to the site! :)



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