How to freeze juice

Hi everyone! I want to have some veg juice frozen for a back up when i can't juice fresh. I know it's not as good as fresh but i figure it's better than not having any? So I'm not sure what to freeze it in. I have heard glass will break. Thanks!


  • Has anyone done this?

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    I freeze juice in wide-mouth glass mason jars (pint size). They are safe for freezing and canning. My family has been using them for freezing for over 35 years. I don't ever recall one breaking in the freezer. You want to limit air exposure, so use a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer with the canning jar lid attachment (purchased separately) and remove the air. Check your Food Saver instructions to determine how much room to leave between the juice and the top of the jar.

    I also sometimes freeze juice in ice cube trays. Then I remove the cubes and seal them in vacuum sealed bags. If I know I will use them in a day or two I just use a zip lock type bag. But for long term storage, the sealed freezing and canning jars are your best option, IMHO.

    There were a couple of threads last year where people talked about using vacuum sealers and glass jars for preserving. You might try a search and read through those as well. A vacuum sealer is a very helpful "gadget" to have in a raw kitchen.

  • thanks :)

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