What do you hink is better to do first,the "Master cleanse"or "Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse"???

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I've been reading a bout doing the Liver cleanse and master cleanse,but which one is better to do first?? and how far apart should i do it from each other??



  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    ohh well,i started the 'Master cleanse" and a week after i am done will do the liver cleanse.

    Good luck to me!!!!!

  • malchusmom,

    I've done the MC and about 5 liver/gallbladder cleanses. The Master Cleanse is deeper and intestinal so it is much more thorough of a cleaning. I visit a colon hydrotherapist about once every 8-12 weeks and she was amazed by the results of my MC. She recommends waiting at least one month following a colonic or any kind of cleanse before doing another to allow time for friendly bacteria to build in the intestine - just a thought for you and best of luck on this journey!

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    Thanks soooo much for this input. I will do it that way.Just curious,have you seen any stones come out with your liver clean???

  • Yes! and many stones. The first liver cleanse produced many small stones and one about the size of a hazelnut. The second and third cleanses passed larger ones and the most recent cleanse that I did about a month following the MC produced the MOST and the largest stones which I continued to pass even into the second day!

    By the way, I saw your post on your blood pressure and really felt your panic. My children are older now but I remember the wild and chaotic days of early motherhood and I applaud you for trying so hard to improve your health. Be patient with yourself and I hope you are feeling better:)

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    wao!!! can't wait to get the liver cleanse done,lol

    I am on my 5 day of the cleanse and feeling great!!!! My kids are driving me CRAZY today but i am trying to keep the cool.

    And thanlgod my Bp this morning was 125/82

    feel happy!!! =-)

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    malchusmom, I'm glad you're feeling better. You can totally see the difference in your posts. :)

    Be sure to post when you get ready to do the liver cleanse. Maybe I'll join ya! At some point, I want to fit in a parasite protocol too. lol

  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    sure i will freewitheft. I also started today taking 20 drops of wormwood to kill parasites. 3 times a day for the next 6 days. Taste like crap,eWwwWw!!!!! but i want to kill those bastards,lol

    I sure will post and let you know when i am starting. WIll be like a month or so. I bought me the book 3 months ago,but will read it all over again and prepared myself for it. I like to do things by the book and the right way.

    Today i am on my 5 going on 6 day of the MC,i have no symptoms at all(just the white tonge).I was soo used to eat popcorn almost every night and tortilla chips with salsa(homemade),and last night i saw my husband making it for him. I started CRYING like a baby,i wanted some!!! but i went to bed,got my tea and fell sleep. =-(

    (he said if i completed the days he was going to treat me)yess!!!!!! so excited!!! =-)

    This morning he was gone for work but when i got up and open the fridge he left a note"i love you,u can do it" i was like OMG!!! how sweet!! ,then went to the bathroom and in the mirror say""you are half way there,u can make it,love u"" ahhh again. It was like 4 notes all over the house. I think it was lovely it help me a lot today.

    Is my first time trying the MC and want to get to the end. Thanks so much for the advices and your comments.

    Love you guys,this is a great site that i don't think i can't ever live without.



  • I just finished a 40 day MC................and would definitely reccomend doing that first..............it really does clean the liver as well. Good luck!!!

  • malchusmommalchusmom Raw Newbie

    wow!!!! you are a pro! Congratz on your 40 days!!!

    I think i will be able to do that maybe 5 yrs from now,lol

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