Breaking/coming off the Master Cleanse

Hello Raw Peeps-

I am on day 9 (of 10) of my first Maser Cleanse. Everything has gone great since after day 3 (I had a headache for the first 3 days and was really tired, but realized my lemonade was half strength *oops*). I feel pretty normal though. Good! friend bought me a book a few days in by Tom Woloshyn and in it he says to break it with OJ and oranges for 2 days, then OJ, fruit at lunch and salad for dinner then normal day for. Alternately he says you can do papaya for the first two days. I don't really like orange juice and I am thinking of doing mono-meals of papaya and my questions are:

Can i keep drinking the lemonade while I transition out?

Can i drink some other kind of juice (like a green juice) to transition?

Have any of you had experience stopping the MC with anything besides the suggested OJ?

I realize the point is to go for easy digestion and ease into solids and not to go crazy. I think food combining is probably pretty important for a while? Do I have to worry about combining fruits even? Any advice would be appreciated!


  • I'm coming off suggestions AT ALL???

  • i've only done it once, so i'm sorry i don't know. Orange juice is best because it is a citrus, and it preps your body for food. it gives the signal to the body that you will indeed start eating something other than lemon juice. I imagine some other type of fruit juice would suffice. I just did a watermelon cleanse, it seems like something like that would be ok. But like i said i don't really know for sure. Google? I wouldn't go to green juice as i think it would be too different for the transition. If you decide to use OJ, make sure you do indeed juice by hand all your oranges. Pasteurized OJ will make you so tired you want to die. alternatively fresh squeezed OJ will have you feeling great. i know this from personal experience. Tropicana does not cut it!

    p.s. when I did the transistion out on the 3rd day i tried to do the soup. it wasn't that spectacular. having a raw first meal is definitely more spectacular of a first meal.

  • Hey sid,

    Congradulations! I did a 12 day Master Cleanse at the beginning of July and have continued having the lemon juice as my breakfast. I have not regained any weight, in fact have lost some since then.

    Instead of orange juice, I drank pink grapefruit and lime juice (yum). I took a full two days before I ate very small light meals and I have essentially adopted a meal plan of one sold meal at supper and the rest are juices or smoothies. Since doing the master cleanse, ALL of my digestive issues have resolved and I have never felt better. I hope you feel the same too, sid!

  • Thanks guys!

  • Hey Teech - The lemon juice you drink, is it the lemonade?

  • Yes, Sid. I use two lemons, 4 TBSP of grade B Maple Syrup, 50 oz of water and one heaping tsp of cayenne. I drink it all morning and it suppresses the appetite as well as gets "things" moving and eliminating:)

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