Hello from BC

Great looking site!

I have been vegan for many years but have never been able to eat completely raw for more than a couple weeks at a time. The info on this site might enable me to finally be able to eat raw for a sustained period.


  • Hi cali! I was wondering what makes you go off of raw food. Do you have a craving for rice or other food or are you feeling weak, or do you just get bored? If you could identify what the issue is then maybe you could last longer. I think a lot of people are dealing with the same issues you are so I hope you can get the support you desire here..=)

  • hello

    I think is because when I have always tried to eat food “as close to its natural state as possible”, combined with I do remain alkaline, vegan, GI aware, etc that I end up with a very short list of food possibilities and thus just get bored “eating the same thing every day”.

    I keep trying to not eat cooked foods, especially lately, as I notice I feel really rotten after I do.

  • Hi Cali, My biggest issue is that if I eat a bunch of sugary fruit in the morning I feel sick. I like smoothies but they work for me later in the day. I need something more substantial. The scramble recipe on this site was good for a couple days but not something I’d do every day. I also need to make some bread or cracker recipes to keep around. I’ve experimented and made a couple but I’ve been out of town and couldn’t dehydrate. Something like the traditional bagel and cream cheese but made with dehydrated sprouted bread and macadamia nut cheese might make the breakfast better.

    I also came up with a neat idea if you like to have something to bite into in the morning but you could eat it any time. I took half a cup of macadamia nuts, a quarter cup of brazil nuts, a shot of agave, vanilla or nutmeg fresh if you have it, and a cup of coconut and blend in the processor. This will keep for quite a while at least a week. Then put some in a bowl and each day you can add something different- one day add fresh orange, juice, and a little zest. One day you could add cacao or cinnamon and almond milk, one day add raisins, one day pineapple, etc. This could really get your day going on the right foot and then you can just have a smoothie or salad for lunch.

    I hope this helps..=)

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