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I am new to raw, well, not really. I did try it a few years ago, but it was just too hard in that I wasn't feeling well, and it took so much effort yo satisfy our secular pallets. But now am somewhat better in that I have a diagnosis of Hep C. mono, etc and have been working with a naturopathic with herbs etc. Well, she went raw over a month ago, and has encouraged me to throw my hat in the ring, again. So, trying this again. But man, I have had a chocolate addiction through the years, I stay away for months at a time, but occasionally I fall off the wagon. I only get back on when I bottom out. Well, I was sold on this when I tried one of your fudge recipies, albeit I used carob, but still. I am still having candida issues as I so enjoy the promise (or at least I have read some testimonies) that the candida will go away, and one can eat fruit, but have been jumping the gun. with smooties and chocolate ice cream (Carob,banana, cherries and agave) so, help. Do I need to just stay away from sugar of all kinds till I get this going (only been at this a week). I guess I know the answer, I just want to hear there is hope. As I really want the left over fried potatoes that are in the fridge from my husbands !


  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    I ended answering my own question. Our liver is everything, and is even responsible for digesting sugar. And when it isn't healthy it can't handle sugar, of any kind. so darn it, I will have to abstain.......again......from the treats. the trick is to not be depressed or angry that I can't even handle the good kind.....:(

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