Morning sickness

I've been raw since Aug 4, 2009, I know I'm still detoxing but I have a big problem. I'm not eating pass 6 pm and I'm not very hungry anymore. My problem is in the morning, I have to get up early for my heart treatments (EECP). I have to eat 90 minutes before the treatment (8 are left YEAH) but when I get up I have morning sickness. I don't understand why, it doesn't matter what I eat at night, I'm still waking up to it.

Mum wants me to stop eating like this but I know its the best for me. I know I'm not blocked up because every morning like clock works I have a bowel movement. What gets me is that I'm not hungry either, I'm always hungry.

Please help if you know a trick on what to try. I have to eat before treatment and the only thing I can force myself to eat is a banana then when treatment is over I'm really shakey. I have to eat within 45 min of getting up.

Thanks for all the help

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