Omega Juicer pulp..what to do..

I’m very new to the raw stuff and I haven’t had a 100% raw day yet. I’m aiming for tomorrow with the exception of steps :D Anyway, I just got a juicer about a week or two ago and it’s an Omega 1000 centrifuge juicer. So after I’m done juicing there is this layer of pulp left over. Besides composting, does anyone have any ideas of what to do with this? It seems like such a waste to toss it, but I don’t know what else to do with it. Thanks in advance


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    Hi dallsyb! There are lots of terrific recipes on this site that use veggie and fruit pulp—just type in “pulp” on the goneraw home page search window (under “add a recipe”) and all the recipes with pulp will pop up!

    Some of the recipes are actually for the nut pulp from nut milk, but many of the breads and the mock tuna salad use veggie pulp. I’m particularly fond of carrot bread, myself.

    One suggestion: if you’re planning to use the pulp from juicing, try to juice the more pungent flavors last and “harvest” the pulp from the other veggies and fruits before you juice the strong stuff. That way you can keep the milder flavors separate and add the stronger flavors separately to your tastes. Have fun experimenting!

  • dallasyb,

    Have you tried a smoothie from it. It really helps to make more than one meal at a time and not waste anything.

    Make your juice, and then take the pulp and put in the blender. Add some water and a banana! I find that the smoothie will stay fresh if you put it in the fridge and drink it all day long.

    Hope that helps!

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