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A 'Newbie"

Just finished a 40 day MC fast last Thursday for my health and am finally off all my medications with my doctors approval and assistance..............more blood work to check and see if my two bad cholesterol levels (that were off the chart) are back to acceptable levels this Friday.

I am see-sawing between my previous SAD diet and 70% RAW at the moment................the Sad foods all taste yucky and I am not really enjoying them anymore..............I am trying to replace those slowly over the next three months, but is seems as if my mind/mind over matter/will power is racing around eating all the stuff I know I shouldnt be eating.............almost like a feeding frenzy or a "Last Supper" syndrome.

So I am having lots of allergic reactions at the moment....like sneezing, itchy nose, craving food, any food and lots of it, bloating and stomach aches.........No one said the transition was going to be 'EASY' did they............any hints and support would be greatly appreciated right now.


  • wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

    congrats on 40 days! WOW!! :D

    Try incorporating local humanely harvested bee pollen into your diet and see if that helps with your allergies.

    Green smoothies are a big help when it comes to cravings. Start making those for breakfast/lunch and you'll notice a big difference in your health.

    Also maybe the 'raw till dinner' approach would work for you. This way if youre craving any cooked foods or youre going out with friends, you can keep on your path to health. Its so helpful with binge/overeating if you allow yourself to have some of those cravings every now and again. After a while you can ask yourself 'do i really want to eat that' and sometimes you say yes but more frequently you'll start saying no.

    Try out lots of recipes on this site to help get you excited about raw. I also recommend reading "Green for Life", "Raw Foods Made Easy for 1 or 2 People", and "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen".

    For cooked whole vegan foods check out HappyHerbivore.com and MyVeganCookbook.com

    Welcome and enjoy the new you!

  • the59soundthe59sound Raw Newbie

    "Local Humanely Harvested Bee Pollen" - in other words, go to a mother who just worked to feed her children, and take her wages and food. Stealing is stealing. Do not become part of the problem.

  • I agree with the59sound. I see local hives everywhere around here (every farmer has them). What do you think these bee farmers are replacing the nutritious hard earned honey with for the bees to use? It's not honey, that's for sure. And what do you think they do with the bees in the winter when the flowers all die? Think about it. Avoid honey and bee pollen. Bee pollen is a joke, another "superfood" claim which I find is complete mass marketing b.s. Enjoy natural organic fruits, veggies, greens, and don't believe all the hype about so-called '"superfoods" like Chlorella, spirulina, goji, acai, bee pollen, maca, and so on. Trust me, I've never had to supplement my diet with pills or powder or any of these things, and my 80/10/10 type diet has been working for me for some time now. I also enjoy plenty of green smoothies and fresh fruits picked straight from the garden and trees and bushes (it's summer, after all.) I also like to enjoy fresh baked winter squashes and pumpkin, baked yam, grilled/roasted/steamed veggies and asparagus, etc. But it's mostly the fresh fruits and green smoothies which provide the energy I need and better health (less congestion, histamine reactions, fatigue, etc.) Anyway, that's been my experience lately.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Ditto on the honey...but back to the question. Can you sub some of your SAD foods with cooked vegan foods? Meat and dairy are really the culprits here. These are completely addictive and hard to wean off of, but as you know you will continue to undermine your progress as long as you're eating them.

    I am not someone who says "cooked food is poison" or anything that extreme, but I strongly believe veganism is the foundation of all good things in life - health, well-being, spiritual clarity. Being raw is wonderful if it's done properly, and it's something to shoot for, but the real goal is to get the junk out of your diet, as soon as you can.

  • I saw a show last night on tv regarding a raw food diet. I had never heard of this. I tried a 21 day detox a month ago, just to win a bet against my husband, but I admit I felt much better. But now back to the 4 espresso's and 3 cokes a day. I have had IBS-C since the age of 20, and now in my 30's am getting bad again, though I've never been regular. But I'm not back to my body not having a bm for a month at a time. I'm very interested in trying this raw diet. Any recommendations on how to begin? How to do I manage and maintain a raw diet when I have to cook for a family as well? Any suggestions would be fantastic!!

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