Low-glycemic & Candida-friendly Raw Books/Info.?

Hello all,

With the help of lots of different online information, I've realized that I am insulin resistant and probably have mild hypothyroidism, pcos, adrenal fatigue, and possibly candida. It seems that being intentional about lowering my sugar consumption will be key to addressing all of these issues. I have not eaten any processed sugar for about 2 months but have eaten a lot of dates, bananas, agave, etc in that time. Also, I have begun supplementing with kelp and eating more dulse to combat my apparent iodine deficiency. Does anyone have any book/website recommendations concerning how to deal with these issues and/or raw books that address any of these issues? It seems that Gabriel Cousens' books would be a good jumping off point given their attention to diabetes. What about the Body Ecology Diet? I'd like to have a sense of which books will help me before I spend tons of money.



  • I think Cousens is a nut.

    Read 80/10/10 by Dr. Graham and Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko.

  • I have Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine and There is A Cure For Diabetes by Dr. Cousens... he is very thorough and backs his writing up with research. Great recipes in there too. I'm trying "Phase 1" of the Rainbow diet and have some problems with it and was going to start a new thread about that. I have hypothyroidism, allergies, depression and other emotional issues, as well as candida. I'm doing his diet as a last resort (SO sick of dealing with allergies, mostly). I've felt better since I started, especially emotionally, but I'm having trouble with nausea. I can't even think about eating the things I"m supposed to be eating on the Phase 1. So, problems there. I have Green For Life and it's excellent. Haven't read Dr. Graham's book but will look into it!

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