Sanoviv store - awesome

eechoeecho Raw Newbie

I have to give a shoutout to Sanoviv's store.

First of all, they have some nice stuff on there. I ordered some sprouting jars and a nut milk bag. Both products are top notch - especially the sprouting bag. It is nylon, and sooooo much easier to use than cloth bags. I highly recommend it. Anyway, last night, a small hole popped in it. This is probably because it was defective and I was using a good bit of force to squeeze out the milk. Anyway, I contacted them today asking if it was under some kind of warranty, and within just SEVEN minutes they responded saying they would ship me TWO new bags out to me for the inconvenience. I am very pleased with this company's customer support and quality products, and am going to prioritize buying from them over other companies.

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