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Nama Shoyu?

Where do you buy Nama Shoyu? I can’t seem to find it here in Northern Ireland. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks Cleo


  • joyjoy

    Nama Shoyu is raw soy sauce. Perhaps it would be in the Asian section of the grocery store, or in an Asian market.

    EDIT: Here (in the U.S.) people also use Bragg’s Liquid Aminos as a substitute. I don’t know if that is available in Ireland, but it is found in the health food section.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    How do they make it anyway? I mean whenever you first look at soy sauce it looks like it would be really processed.

  • Maybe its not in the shops over here. I went to the Asian supermarket but they didnt have it or the Braggs one. I might be able to buy it on ebay or something. So its basically like soya sauce but raw?

    I just got me dehydrator delivered from the states today! I’m so excited. Haven’t ever met anyone in this country who has even heard of raw foods or dehydration! My friend was here when it was delivered and she looked at me as if I had two head. LOL

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I just got me dehydrator delivered from the states today!

    Congratulations on the dehydrator! Eating raw was absolutely revolutionized for me when I got mine. Right now, I have cereal, crackers and lemon cookies in mine – can’t wait for this evening!

  • Well its 11pm here and I just had to put something in the dehydrator before going to bed! I couldnt possibly wait till tomorrow. Plus I wont get time during the day with 3 kids around. So I bunged in some banana, for want of anything else. It seemed a waste to have it on for 1/2 a tray of banana so I made my own cookie recipe, chaning some of the ingredients in one from Rawvolution book, and I have no idea what it will taste like! I hope its not disgusting! Will let you know tomorrow. Wish me luck.

  • after many “oops” recipes coming out of my dehydrator, i figured out that tasting the batter or dough gives you a good idea of what the final product will taste like. my carrot bread would have been totally useless had i not added a little sweetener at the last minute…. :)

  • joyjoy

    CleopatraNI: My understanding is that Nama Shoyu is the very same thing as soy sauce except that it is raw. (Nama is the Japanese word for Raw)

    Bragg’s would be at a healthfood store, if it is available.

    A healthier alternative to soy sauce is Tamari Sauce (althought I cannot recall why—I have the impression that it is less processed and is wheat-free). It isn’t raw though.

  • Thanks Joy. I do use Tamari Sauce. It seems to be the only one avaible here, through all my searching. I guess I will stick with it until the others arrive in NI.

  • You can purchase RAW nama shoyu from Alissa Cohen’s site or type in keyword raw nama shoyu and get other sites.

    It is aged and feremented but it does have soybeans which is the drawback to me—for someone who avoids soy products.

  • Also, there is a lot of debate about Bragg’s (many threads on Alissa’s site) and if it contains some harmful by-products. Neither Bragg’s nor Nama Shoyu are raw, if you are a purist, but I find Nama Shoyu to be a valuable addition to a lot of recipes. I’m really sensitive to soy products, but have found that NS doesn’t bother me. It’s unpasteurized, which is the big difference between it and soy sauce.

  • Should the nama shoyu be refrigerated after opening? I just opened a bottle and I’m not sure.

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    I refrigerate both the Nama Shoyu and Tamari once they are opened. I know the Tamari says to refrigerate for sure.

    Great leap you’ve made in buying a dehydrator :)! Onion flax seed crackers are terrific! :) And so are coconut macaroons from the book: raw food, real world by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Melngailis. You also now can soak, rinse and dehydrate your nuts and seeds so they are live and have no enzyme inhibitors in them…we do that, then freeze them, so they are super dooper crunchy ;) Enjoy…

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    In the UK you can get “Shoyu” under the “Clearspring” label. I believe “Nama Shoyu” is actually a brand, since the label is always the same. Neither one are Raw, by the way.

    It may be believed to be Raw because it is a type of un-pasturized and un-brewed soy sauce. It is made from cooked ingredients though.

  • mmhh… i `ve always thot its kinda cooked….

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    yes. agreed with chriscalton. a little confused why nama shoyu is even included in the raw pantry.

    if you are going to have some cooked food, fine… but let’s call it what it is.

  • Right on pianissima, and I have to say to all don’t be surprised if it starts to taste like crap the more and more you get cleaner on the cellular level. I know for me after a while it started to leave a metal taste in my mouth, and would totally take over the dish.

  • Agreed, I don’t even like the smell of nama shoyu anymore. I use that mushroom and evoo recipe that had been discussed a week or two ago for nama shoyu minus—the salt! I think it’s sooo much better! A little thick, but tastes pretty similar….no, wait…it tastes better than shoyu! :)

  • I believe on our raw journeys we do lose our taste for certain foods, smells, etc.. But it is a gradual process while in the transitional phase.

    For health issues, some may have, the only soy sauce that is wheat-free is tamari to my knowledge.

    The following was in the “Pure Magazine – Winter 2008”.

    Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

    - not technically raw, Bragg’s is a liquid protein concentrate. It contains naturally occurring MSG in the form of glutamic acid. made from non-GMO soy, and water.

    Organic Nama Shoyu

    - fermented, not a raw food, but is a living food. Also contains naturally occurring MSG. Made from soybeans, spring water, whole wheat, sea salt.

    Organic Tamari

    - not a raw food, also contains naturally occurrring MSG in the form of glutamic acid. Made from whole soybeans, sea salt, water, and koji (Aspergillus hacho)

    Here is a link for more information on a article called “The Many Faces of Gluten Intolerance” – Spring 2007 http://www.purelydelicious.net/PDmarch2007Glute…

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