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Oil Pulling

I am at almost 2 weeks, and read on one of your forums about oil pulling. Decided to try it, but oh my gosh, I only last 4 minutes. It was so digusting. does it get better? man....maybe it;s just cuz I am so toxic? but the whole idea of all this oil in my mouth....

need feedback !


  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    what is oil pulling??

  • Someone else posted this link on an earlier thread about oil pulling,


    I just found out about it a couple of days ago as well and have done it now for only two days. While I was really excited to try it, I am finding it kind of difficult. The back of my throat feels coated in oil and a bit uncomfortable for the entire day. I would, however, like to see this through because the benefits sounds delightful.

    One thing I am still confused about, am I to be brushing my teeth afterward? I bought an Ayurvedic toothpaste to follow with but I'm not sure if that's right. Any help?

    Missemy, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who finds it kinda gross!

  • http://www.oilpulling.com/

    they wre talking about it here, but it's basically swishing around oil in your mouth and it supposedly pulls out toxins, bacteria, etc etc and you then spit it all out. supposed to do it for 20 minutes..

  • oops, your comment came after I clicked "save"...yes, we are not alone. I read it would be a good idea to use a mouthwash (diluted) or Hydrogen peroxide diluted in water. I opted for the latter. I would assume brushing your teeth after wouldn't hurt.

    wasn't feeling great beforehand, was hoping this would help, but all I want to do now is EAT, albeit raw, but still, can eat too much sugar for me on this way of eating.

    well let me know, maybe I won't do a whole Tbl like it said, next time. I have a small mouth and just felt overwhelmed. at least it was white when I spit it out, so it must have gotten some gross stuff out :)

  • I've been oil pulling for a while with coconut oil (I read Bruce Fife's Oil Pulling book). My teeth, gums, tongue and sinuses have gotten a lot better. I have TMJ and it makes that worse, but I started mixing a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (Fife says you can use peppermint or clove but TT works better imo) in with the oil and that works even better so I can do it less than every day. I usually do it first thing in the morning, than brush my teeth after breakfast. If I do it at night I brush and floss first then oil pull after

    Coconut Oil tastes way better than sesame or sunflower and makes it way easier to go the whole 20 min

  • Thanks! that sound a lot better, I am still feeling quite ill...does this method stir stuff up?


  • Still sick, so not a good idea for someone with hep C, for sure. maybe when I get this raw thing down, without fruit. Bought the green rainbow book, will read it and do better. man it's hard.

  • Question..

    On Wednesday evening I ate some pesto and a cashew/manicotti thing and right then my throat stated hurting. Thought the soaked cashews had gone bad. then did the oil pulling on Friday morning, with coconut oil and did fine, as well as Saturday morning. But my throat has been killing me, it feels as though there is a lump there, now theres pain even without swallowing. could it be mucous? didn't do the oil pulling as maybe I am going at this too fast and my mucous lining is coming up? don't know, but am miserable, does anyone have any ideas?


  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    I've never heard about oil pulling until now...but SO going to check it out! And, Emily, whenever I do a juice fast on the days that I know I am detoxing (whitish/yellow tongue, tummy cramps, general gross feeling) I always have a really sore throat, almost like strep throat and it only lasts a day or two tops. I'm not sure if that's what's going on with your case or not, cus I have no experience with oil pulling. Hopefully, someone that's been there before can give ya a better answer.

  • Thanks, But oddly enough I think I just figured it out. It wasn't any of that, but the tomato sauce I put on the cashews. I just had some and got slow and my throat felt like it was closing, so, hence an allergic reation. I did a n.a.e.t. (allergy ellimination treatment), so hopefully that will help. But I had the "manicotti" a couple of times with no problemts that I remember, but I guess my body said ENOUHGH!! Did the oil pulling this morning with no problem. My life has been a serious of discovering mysteries.

  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    Isn't it crazy how much something like that can affect us? I can't do raw tomatoes at all, but cooked or processed never used to bother me. Must be an enzyme or protein that gets killed by the heat or something. Was it a raw sauce that you put on the cashews? I wonder if its the same with you.

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    Hi, dental care always interested me (mainly WHY do i need to brush my teeth?) but since my discovery of raw-food everything falls in place. Been busy with oil pulling since January this year and didn't brushing my teeth since (lately once a week or so with only water). Been to the dentist yesterday after 1.5 years he checked and nothing special. 5 min. and I was out of there. My teeth are wither and much cleaner than before raw (and even with drinking dark tea, I don't like coffee. My simple logic: You don't get brown teeth by drinking black tea!). RAW-food rocks!

    Tomatoes are family of the nightshade the should be toxic but eons of cultivating made them somewhat less toxic. Cashew are toxic also (and almost never raw).

  • Yes juicefastfan, it was raw. Yeah, never had a problem with cooked either. My throat is hurting again, but not as bad as Sunday. at least I know what is going on, and glad it wasn't the pesto or cashews. can't really do the nuts, but never really liked tomatoes anyway.

    Raw everything, interesting. Yeah, the book I am reading said not to eat cashews, and really interesting about the tomatoes. what man does we pay for. hmmm, so I should toss the cashews. (dang I hate wasting, but better than getting ill) And that's been my wondering about really most everything. I believe that our creator has always had something in place for every generation to be able to heal. including our teeth, Adam and Eve weren't given a toothbrush. I forgot this morning, have already eaten, but will do it again today and keep it up.

    so if it's that nightshade vegies (buy have had no problem with bell peppers--eggplant has always made my mouth HURT though (cooked or raw)....now I know why. shoot my Dr gave me the name of two herbs that help with poisens.....can't rmember where I wrote it down.....found it PAK and black gohash? will go up to our health food store and get those. another mystery solved on an even deeper level.. I love this site.

    well, can cashews be put in the dehydrator and be o.k.? 145 degrees is hot enought to kill germs isn't it?


  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    I never even thought about it being in the Deadly Nightshade category! Doah! I just thought it was the acid or something. Weird, I can handle eggplant, although I only have a little bit at a time cus its not one of my favorite raw flavors. Geesh, I need to write a whole book about myself for myself just to keep track of all this stuff!

    And, Emily, it should. I think 122 degrees is the magic number when things start dying off. I just don't know how long it takes for it to happen though.

  • RawEverythingRawEverything Raw Newbie

    missemy: the raw pure cashew is toxic (see wikipeadia) don't eat cashew if you have problems with them dehydrating will not help. If I eat cashew they stick in my teeth, often if food sticks in your teeth its bad food.

    Mankind is the only mammal that cooks food, bush teeth and drink milk when fully grown. Mankind is stupid 8).

    btw, be care full with raw pine-nuts sometimes they can give you very bad metallic taste for 2 weeks or so.

  • The definantlly has been an education. So thankful for all the information that I have been able to get from you. Interesting about the sticking to the teeth. so many ways our bodies give off signals, and we ignore it. I prefer to say we are like sheep. Being a conspiracy theorist, I KNOW. but that's another story ;)

    and I know jucefastfan...need a book of acronyms too ! what is a SAD diet?, I assume it's cooked food, but can't figure it out....

  • Chef ShuannaChef Shuanna Raw Newbie

    SAD = Standard American Diet. So pretty much crap food.

  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    Lol, I know, it really is a continuing educational journey! And, I just checked out that rawfoodexplained.com website and ummm yeah...I'm doing pretty much everything wrong! That is one hardcore site!

  • That's what I thought too. onions? I put them in everything. I did fall off the wagon, I made some rice for us at dinner, wouold have done brown, but it had "friends"... & it was in tupperware.

    speaking of, I have never dealt with so much tupperware in my life, and I have a huge cupboard full, so I already use it alot, but man. between the fridgesmart and the serving bowls...but so thankful I have it, it is just funny to see only that in my drying rack vs post & pans !

  • akrutirakrutir Raw Newbie
    edited January 2016
    missemy said:

    I am at almost 2 weeks, and read on one of your forums about oil pulling. Decided to try it, but oh my gosh, I only last 4 minutes. It was so digusting. does it get better? man....maybe it;s just cuz I am so toxic? but the whole idea of all this oil in my mouth....

    need feedback !

     You need to try rinsing the mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes. The oil must be allowed to run through the teeth and over the gums and it is said to relieve the body of its toxins. 

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