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2 week old baby and breastmilk shortage!! need advice....

I have a 2 week old baby and my milk supply is not keeping up with the feeds. Im hvaing to half supplement with formula but now its making him constipated and gassy. I have no idea what to do....I hate having to supplement with formula. I dont think hes old enough for the cocnut milk. Has anyone any ideas on anything other than formula or if there is any decent formula? im buying organic soy and I really dont think any are going to be any good. Also any ideas on getting milk supply up if anyone knows. Im taking fenugreek and mothers milk tea.....


  • Hi Sueanna,

    Congratulations with your little boy... A little miracle, just two weeks old.

    I'm no specialist, but I'm nursing my son for almost 9 months now.

    Probably you have read about all the usual advice. Like letting him drink more often, so you will produce more milk.

    If you add formula, he will be less hungry when he comes to drink with you. So he will drink less, and you will produce less milk, so he will drink more formula, and again drink less with you... So be careful. Try to nurse him as often as possible.

    When my milk supply was down I have taken nutritional yeast. There was a discussion about it on this forum, because it is not raw, but the results are very good. I mean, what do you prefer: to give non-raw formula to your baby, or to take something non-raw yourself with the result that your baby can get his perfect food?

    Good luck.

  • Email Jinjee, her email is on the site http://www.thegardendiet.com

    She is raising 5 kids on the raw diet. She is great and will help you.

    God Bless

    take care

  • I took a mothers milk tea and a tincture till a good milk supply came in. And it really helped. Yogi's Tea makes a mother's milk formula. Also, drink a lot of water! And let the baby nurse as much as possible. I was also told that oatmeal and beer produce more milk. I'm sure you can do something with raw oats. I, personally, allow cooked food. I'd rather my baby get my milk.

    I also gave my baby some soy formula at the beginning because I panicked I didn't have enough milk. Well, he's 4.5 months old and 17lbs. and only breast feeding.

  • Hi Sueanne,

    Congratulations on your baby boy.

    It is all about supply & demand... them more you feed the more milk your body will make.

    I found La Leche League very helpful http://www.laleche.org.uk/pages/about/breastfeedinginfo.htm


    Love & Blessings x

  • Sueanna,

    Congrads on the new baby, and hopefully everything will work out for you with the breastfeeding. I don't have any breastfeeding tips for you. But, you did ask about good formulas (for if you need them).

    For various reasons, I did not breastfeed. My daughter had a small bit of blood that I noticed in her diaper (my Mom and husband could not see it). When the doctor check her stool (by testing, not sight) there was some blood in it, indicating that the formula was not working for her.

    Our pediatrition changed her to Alimentum formula. It can be bought at most stores. You do not hear about it much because it is VERY expensibe compared to the other ones (like Similac and Infameal). It's very easily digested and I believe is used for babies with that are born early or have other problems. It's not organic, or something you can find in a health food store.

    But, our pediatrition calls it liquid gold, and that it really makes a difference with babies who have trouble on other formula. I personally can tell you that if I ever have another baby and have to use formula, I would use that brand.

    But, be warned- it's priced accordingly (big bucks!)

    Good luck with the breast feeding. Maybe some of the other ideas will work for you instead. But, I mention that if you need a good formula.

  • juicefastfanjuicefastfan Raw Newbie

    Fenugreek, or tea with fenugreek is supposed to be one of the better herbs to take when trying to build your milk supply up. And, as others have stated its all about supply & demand. I am exclusively nursing my 9 month old baby boy right now....(congrats! by the way), but I had a low supply when my milk first came in. First, I didn't worry about feeding on a certain schedule, I fed him pretty much non-stop...they don't need very much at the beginnning, their tummy's are the size of their fist, so its not going to take much to fill it up. And, like the previous poster said, if you supplement with formula, he will get full from that and not want to nurse as much, so it is a vicious cycle. I say this with only concern and a heart to help, I am not judging you at all...please know that....if you have to do formula, you may want to check out the warnings about soy being estrogenic (it mimicks estrogen) and can cause problems later down the road. Raw goat milk is the closest substance to human breast milk, closest properties and compound make-up. I don't know how available it is to you, but I would encourage you to not give up on nursing! Here are a couple links that I found with pretty good info...the first one has a really odd url, lol, something about cats, but thats not what the article is about :P

    http://cat-care.suite101.com/article.cfm/alternatives_to_declawing_a_cat (it really is natural ways to increase your milk supply)



    Good luck to you and your lil man! and, if you have any other questions or whatever please ask. I'm on my third baby but I remember with the first one, I had questions about EVERYTHING!

    Oh yeah...one more thought, is he latching on correctly? If he doesn't, he could be just barely sucking milk out or not at all, so it won't trigger your letdown. which lets your body know that milk is going out so more needs to be made! Sometimes its not so much of a supply issue, but a latching on one. =)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Check www.MilkShare.com!

    This is a very old post... but I must revive it to get 'the word' out. :-)

    The above are great recommendations. I also recommend to read Mother Food for Breastfeeding Mothers. Excellent book on galactagogue foods!

    I never heard of Alimentum and there are other organic formulas.

    But, you'll be happy to know there is a place to get raw/living breast milk from donors: http://www.MilkShare.com

    Check also: lowmilksupply.org breastfeedingonline.com drjacknewman.com

    Please spread the word to all mothers with low supply AND oversupply.

    MilkShare.com is the place to donate your oversupply milk and to receive donated milk... for FREE!!! Otherwise, craigslist.com has some too.


  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    The problem is as a new born baby, you need certain nutrients such as conditionally essential amino acids such as taurine which are found naturally in breast milk and are added to formula.

    Which makes it impossible to use milk such as coconut milk as suggested as they will miss much needed nutrients.


  • wyethiawyethia Raw Newbie

    I found that omega-3 made my milk increase in volume tremendously. I wasn't vegan at the time so ate salmon, but I would try vegan Omega-3 supplements. Do you have a midwife or someone that you can go to about nursing issues?


  • amanda966amanda966 Raw Newbie

    Do you believe in natural remedies? If yes, then try healthy nursing tea by secrets of tea.I have been using this tea for my low breast milk and got it boosted. For my gassy baby who was also constipated since his first month, I used to give him babies magic tea.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
    wyethia said:

    I found that omega-3 made my milk increase in volume tremendously. I wasn't vegan at the time so ate salmon, but I would try vegan Omega-3 supplements. Do you have a midwife or someone that you can go to about nursing issues?


     I can believe it. Omega 3s are vital for so many things that we don't even realize until we are low on them. The ones I take are a combination of flax and kelp. 

  • janelmjanelm Raw Newbie

    I am so sorry.  I want to share with you the Human Milk for Human Babies international global network. My friend started it. The website is http://www.hm4hb.net/. ; You can go on FB for your state  http://hm4hb.net/community-pages1/ and make a request and women go out of their way to make sure a baby gets milk. You can find a woman in your area, who follows dietary needs you have, and she donates her milk to your baby. It is a profound experience.  It is informal and the woman can provide her health records or whatever.  At first people think UCK, another woman's milk? But don't think a thing about feeding baby milk from a field beast or chemicals.  Milk sharing is how people survived and it really is a normal thing for mothers to breastfeed each others babies when it is needed.  The depth of connection between the moms and babies is extraordinary. If you need assistance I would be happy to support you. janel.mirendah@gmail.com


  • janelmjanelm Raw Newbie

    Also I have two colleagues in northern CA, experts in lactation. You can reach Katie at http://www.thenestnevadacity.com/katie-damota.html She does phone consulting.

  • samanthawsamanthaw Raw Newbie

    I hope in the meanwhile everything worked out well!

    I was kind of in the same situation, I didn't really want to change to formula, but there weren't a lot of other options at this time.

    Right now I am mixing BF and formula. I am using Holle organic formula from https://myorganicformula.com/collections/holle-organic-formula

    Wish you all the best,


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    How is the baby doing these days? smile

  • samirassamiras Raw Newbie

    Hello , we are 2 parents that they are actually trying to give to our babies the best option in terms of organic formula . We need an advice related with our choice . We are oriented for the Lebenswert stage 1 , cause the said us is better once the baby suffer a bit of anemia . Is that brand correct for this kind of problem ?

  • katiesjungkatiesjung Raw Newbie
    edited January 2023

    At first, I have low milk supply too and my OB told me to have a breast massage and eat lactating goodies. Then my husband bought a bunch of lactation cookies and for just a week my supply improved! And now I've been using an electric breast pump.

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