Green smoothies...anyone tried mustard or turnip greens

I love my green smoothies. I want to rotate my greens for more variety but what goes good with turnip or mustard greens they are just bitter, wondered what fruits go best with them.


  • I've had mustard greens in a juice. They can add some spicy heat. But I think you have to be careful as they turn sorta sulfury or something. I especially don't like them if they've sat for any length of time. I have to drink them fresh. Also, I don't do too many at one time. I use other veggie juices (Celery, cucumber, tomato, etc) but then only add two or three leaves...

  • I did some experimenting with adding turnip greens to my smoothie. About the most I could take is 1 half leaves although big one. It was the best with a cherrie banana smoothie. I going to keep trying different combos and will let everyone know how they go!

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