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Alcohol... wow, never expected this

I’m not going to lie – I love Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. And I love vodka cranberries. But this weekend I had two or three vodka cranberries and let me just say… I won’t be doing that again. I was IM’ing a friend online and all of a sudden I found myself having to edit every word for a drunken typo, typing non-sensical stuff… I mean seriously – the amount of alcohol I’d had never would have affected me that way before I went raw vegan. I laid down to take a nap and all was well with the world, but WOW.

This raw food thing is starting to work its magic with regards to my cravings for alcohol and the occasional meat. Just last week I was in Whole Foods and passed the beer section without looking back. I also passed the fresh made burritos (another of my guilty pleasures).

This was one of my main reasons for going raw (detox) and I’m happy to say I love this diet way more than alcohol now :) The recipes on this site are really helping me.

Anyway that is just my little story of encouragement. It’s been 2 weeks officially 100% raw for me so let’s hope I can keep it up!


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I have had similar experiences after going raw and then trying alcohol…wow is right! It “hits” you alot harder than it would if you weren’t raw. Now, I never think about alcohol unless it is put in my face, and even then it is not hard to say no to it.

    Great job for being 100% raw for 2 weeks! Keep it up!

  • I used to be able to drink 6-10 shots of tequila or a bottle or two of wine and be ready to party all night long, lots of euphoria going on. Now, I drink one or two glasses of wine and I want to sleep. I get about a half an hour worth of buzz. I wake up and my running is sluggish. I’ve kind of made drinking a thing that I do when I’m out on very rare occasions.

  • I got sober a couple years before going raw, but that’s a really interesting thing to think about… om, I used to be able to drink like you did, too. It made me hyper! Oh yeah, and crazy. Don’t miss the crazy part. ;o) Heh…

  • I’m similar to you ,om. Not long ago I drank tons without even taking note…now even half a glass of wine and I buzz for like 10 min, then straight to hangover! HA! I don’t even want alcohol anymore…...very trippy for my friends and fam to see such a quick change in me!

    katmondu- hi-five for 2wks raw!!!

  • I have noticed this as well. When I drink now, I only have one or two drinks, and have absolutely no need or desire to go on past two drinks. I am pretty giddy after the two drinks now. That is saying a lot because I am a pretty big boy!

  • Hey y’all, same goes for me, I live in a wine growing region of Italy and wow, without the pastas and cheese…I simply cannot handle wine now. I bet this is another reason for the amazing shrinking that is going one, weight, bloat and size wise. I can drink 1 glass of wine and I feel it that day and the next. :))) Being raw is so awesome.

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