eat to live vs. live to eat

eechoeecho Raw Newbie

I hear many people using this phrase. I think it is a good way to compare the ultimate healthy mindset vs. the typical mindset.

However, many people accuse others who are unable, for whatever reason, to do the 100% raw food diet of "living to eat". This, to me, is very upsetting.

First of all, what is "living to eat"? Does it mean that eating is the number one priority of a person? Does it mean they love food more than anything else? Does it mean they are undisciplined, stupid, and lazy?


"Living to eat" is a mindset. A mindset where a person thinks "I don't care to make any changes in my eating habits, because I like food too much to do what I know is right". You see, a person like this doesn't even want to get better. Even then, food certainly isn't the MOST important thing to them. I'm sure that most if not all health scoffers have families which they would put above eating, friends, loved ones. So, even they are not "living to eat", just a bit to ignorant to change.

On the other hand, we have a person transitioning to raw, who has made it their goal to "Eat to live". Even if they are not 100%, even if they stumble, even if they discover personal weakness and unveil unknown addictions, it is OKAY. It doesn't mean that they are horrible people, failures, or "living to eat". They still have the mindset to change, to become better, to make a difference.

So please, lets stop throwing accusations around. "Oh, you can't eat mono meals only? You are eating to live", or whatever people say. "Oh, you are struggling over eating all fruit? You are addicted to food". This is all nonsense and it doesn't help anyone. We are all coming from a different place in life, and we can't measure anyone else by our own life, only help them to progress. Otherwise, we are setting ourselves as the standard of perfection, and this is just a raw food forum. If the topic was loving other people, raising a family, being disciplined at work, or whatever, many of these accusers would fall short big time. We are all human, so lets just try to help each other out a little bit.


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