sprouted sunflower seeds

Hi everybody

I am confused regarding sprouted sunflower seeds: If a recipee asks for them, I am supposed to use shelled soaked seeds (do they sprout when shelled?) or am I supposed to use unshelled seeds, sprout them till I see some green, get rid of the shells and use them then?

I have the same problem with some grains, sprouted barley or oats for example - use shelled or unshelled or are both a possibility?




  • emtpdmomemtpdmom Raw Newbie

    Shelled raw sunflower seeds sprout nicely. As they are the only seeds I sprout, I cannot answer regarding the others. Sprouted sunflower seeds are delicious in salads, etc. I also enjoy sprouting them until the tails are about half the length of the seed, then dehydrating and eating them as a snack (like nuts).

  • Thanks! The snack sounds like a good idea, too!

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