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Any Muslim Raw Foodists: Ramadhan is near, any advice?

As Salaamu Alaikum!

I was wondering if there are any raw Muslims out there. Being vegetarian is controversal among some circles, but being raw, ohhh my!!

Anyway, God created all food and we have the right to choose what we want to eat. That said, Ramadhan starts September 13th-October 12th. Since August is around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to start thinking about the fasting season.

For those who do not know, Muslims fast in the month of Ramadhan from sunrise to sundown. No food, no liquid, during the day light.

Are there any Muslims that have been raw during Ramadhan, if so, I would love to hear your experience. I started thinking about traditional things we eat during Ramadhan. Traditionally, we break fast with 3 dates and water. One can start with eating soup, which could be a raw soup…... Anyway, but what do you do when asked to break fast at someone’s house.

Last year, I did not go to anyone’s house to break fast, to stay away from all the food.

Anyway, just some thoughts


  • Wa alikum salaam! I can’t believe it’s right around the corner. It’s great to find another sister in the same predicament. This will be my first year being raw for Ramadan and I’m confident I will be able convert my previous Ramadan diet to raw one, but like you mentioned, at someone elses home it’s a different story. I’m thinking lots of fruit, nut milks, raw soups, and desserts should do it for me. It looks like we’re in this together! I would also love to hear other thoughts and ideas.

  • Salaams!!

    Oh, it is nice to hear from you? Where are you? I’m in Silver Spring, MD. You are probably on the other side of the country.

    I feel like this is going to be an excellent Ramadhan. I fell that eating raw helps one concentrate more, Insha Allah, we will have a benificial Ramadhan.

    I’ve been plotting what I’m going to do during Ramadhan, it is soooo hard to go to people’s house, I’ve found some raw caterers around my area and I’m trying out some dishes that are great and tasty for none vegans and raw foodists. At least, if I go to someone’s house I can eat what I bring.

    Have you had any issues from the community eating raw? I’m preety much out of the loop, so I do not have any issues, at this time.

  • Wow! Masha’Allah.. I thought I was the only muslim on gone raw! Salamun alaikum sisters! I’m so excited, now I know there are people I can truely relate to.. Unfortunately this year I will not be fasting (I’m going to be almost 9 months pregnant and the doctor has advised me not to fast) but I know what you mean.. I had some days to make up from last Ramadhan and it was a learning experience trying to be raw and fast… My suggestion is a hearty green smoothie and maybe some apple slices and nut butter or some granola or nuts and a few glasses of water for Sahoor (breakfast).. Of course I always break my fast with dates and milk, but I know that it’s not easy to get milk (raw or nut) and dates sometimes. Then I usually have a nice big salad. Usually about 30 minutes before I go to bed I try to have some fruits or juice and something with grains (crackers, bread or granola).. Being a guest is difficult I agree.. you either are fasting and they are not or you’re raw and they aren’t.. I’ve always had luck with asking for a nice salad (no dressing though) I found that most people have enough veggies to make a salad but it’s always a really good idea to bring something just incase.. Insha’Allah Ramadhan will be a blessing and a purification for us all and we will recieve the blessings and mercy of Allah. ameen. Wa salam sisters..

  • It’s great to hear from you too! My husband and I just moved to Houston from the Detroit area. You’re right, I’m on the other side of the country! How long have you been raw?

    I’m really looking forward to this year as well. This will be my 5th year (after reverting) and with eating raw I feel it will be the best. I think our recent move will actually work to my advantage, as we don’t know very many people yet. So we probably won’t have very many invites. :-) I like your suggestion of bringing what I can if it ever comes to it.

    I haven’t had any major issues from the community so far. But as we are so new to the area, we really don’t know too many people yet. I know it would be a major struggle in Detroit though, everything (especially around Ramadan) is so focused on food. I did recently met an older woman here who invited me over and I tried everything to politely refuse a dessert she had just made. I ended up taking a few bites and asked if I could save the rest for later. What do you do in these instances?

    Let’s try to keep in touch to see how were doing. It really helps knowing that there’s another sister out there eating raw!

  • KurdishMom: Yeah!!! Another sister to help share this journey. It looks like you had replied while I was typing my response to flinzz78, sorry it may look like I didn’t repond to your post, but I will now. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I’m very happy for you. Is this your first?

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. May Allah continue to bless you and your family.

  • devittlesdevittles Raw Newbie

    I’m not muslim, but I noticed this thread and it brought tears to my eyes. It is so heartwarming to see people connecting from such distances and finding out that they are not “the only one.”

    Thanks for touching my heart today. I’m glad you found each other!

    peace jeanette

  • Amen!


    Kurdish mom, I wish you the best in your pregnancy, Insha Allah.

    I made my first green smoothie yesterday and I’m thinking I need to incorporate more into my diet. Insha Allah, I will need to prepare a sack when I go to the Masjid for iftar. Ummm, but for Sahoor, what do you think would be best to keep you full through the day? Maybe I should do a test to see. I

  • Mish Muskala!

    Ohh yes, I remember the days…Kulll Li!!! Kull Li!!!! Oh my!!! I con/reverted in 1999.

    For the first few years, I was invited to so many people’s houses for dinner, iftar… etc. I got so fat!!!! However, I did eat some great food!! Food of the world, Masha Allah! I ate enough to last me forever!!!(I

  • Ahhh, that’s nice devittles. Thanks!

  • Jazakallahu khairan flinzz.. I too am overseas (North Iraq) and I understand the whole too early in the morning for the blender.. We don’t ususally even have electricity that time of day.. What I suggest is make some smoothie just before you go to bed and let it be in the fridge.. it may seperate over night but if you give it a good stir in the morning before you drink it should be ok.. About the goat.. where do you live that they don’t slaughter in a halal way? Here where I live we actually kill the goats ourselves and then cut it up and give the meat that way, but as far as sunnah goes if you believe that the meat isn’t being slaughtered sunnah (and this would make it haram) I think it is permissible to feed the poor instead. It’s best to look for the hadiths though. Allah knows best. Take care sister..

  • 2 husky girl, Let Allah be with you when you start getting dinner invites!!! (Sorry, but I am laughing!!!)

  • I was in Jordan, Mali, and the last two years Cairo and not every one slaughters in an Halal way. Some people do, but…. I got really turned off when I saw other animals around when people were slaghtering, that is soo mean!!!

    Anyway, I’m in Maryland and I do not know what they do here. I converted in Atlanta, so I know my friends husband’s slaughtered in an Allah way, maybe I will send them money this year. I will research it. Have a great day/evening.

    Jazakullah Khair!

  • I see.. I reverted in California in 2003 then moved here in Dec. of 2005. It’s not easy in the states to find people who know how to slaughter and are willing to do it. I would ask the imam of your masjid, or your local islamic butcher.. I know there were a few stores in Sacramento CA. who sold/butchered their own meat and you could pay them the money to buy the animal and slaughter it and then come and pick up the meat to distribute. Hum I hope this helps?

  • Devittles: Thank you so much for your touching post! You’re right, it was such an amazing feeling to find out that I’m not “the only one’. :-) Peace and blessings to you.

    flinzz & KurdishMom: MashaAllah we are all reverts here! I’m don’t know if this will help you either, but my husband sends money to his family in the middle east and they take care of our donation and make sure it is done in the way.

  • It’s a little funny to me how we got into a chat in a raw foods forum and the subject became meat.. which raw fooders don’t eat..lol.

    Devittles – It’s always nice to have people who you can talk to, but when you have something profound in common like we do it’s that much more special.. To me husky girl and flinzz are my sisters the same as if we came from the same parents. It’s a special bond that doesn’t have borders or limits. It’s one of the parts in Islam that gets little or no attention (especially in the media) sad to say.

    May Allah bless us in our efforts to take care of our bodies, remember our bodies have rights on us and we will be held accountable for how we treated our bodies in this life.. May Allah give us knowledge so that we can share with others and strength to do what we know is right, ameen. Have a good day… Wa salam K-Mom

  • Amen!

    As-Salaamu Alaikum, In Islam we cannot make something Halal (allowed) Haram (not allowed), we just have the choice not to eat it.

    Insha Allah, I'm sure we will discuss again sometime soon. I wish you guys were around here!
  • Salaams,

    Here is an article I found online concerning Id-al-Adha and animal sacrifice:


    If you look at the rest of the website it gets even more interesting. It discusses Islam and vegetarianism.
  • Salamu alaikum again flinzz… Thanks for the link, it’s very important to us that we not only do what we are supposed to but that we know why and how to do it in the best way. It was very interesting to read and it brings some interesting points.

  • Happy Ramadhan!

    I had cantaloupe, pinapple and a pumpkin seed milk drink with banana for sahuur this morning and I have not been hungry all day. Plus, lots of water during the night.

  • Happy Ramadan too! I hope you (and anyone else!) have a beautiful, blessed Ramadan.

  • ????? ?????! Ramadan ?Mubarak! Happy Ramadan! I pray that you both have a wonderful month and that you get all the blessings for your fasting. May you recieve mercy and ease from the Creator of everything, the Most Merciful. Ameen. Salam and love.. K-Mom

  • I have been reading up on the dietary recommendations for The Nation of Islam from the honorable Elijah Mohammad, and even though he wasn’t a raw dieter, he was very ahead of his time about the warnings on processed foods and meat.

    I also like his idea of 1 meal a day.

    Salam Alechem


  • Alhamdulillah there are other Raw Muslims out there. I thought I would make a world record of being the only one!!! So what kind of challenges have you all faced as a raw muslim? And how did you overcome them, if you did? You know what happened to me a while ago? My dad told me one day as I was babbling on about the benefits of raw, “Be careful not to turn this into your religion.” I just looked at him and replied, “What?? Yeah right. Next thing you know, I’ll be worshipping a carrot!” Hahaaha. Silly Dad. Anyway, yeah, I’m curious about your journeys incorperating raw with Islam and how you handle it among other muslims.
    Salam everyone,

  • As-Salaamu Alaikum,

    Currently, I am living in Southern Algeria, Tindouf and have stayed preety much raw. People think I am crazy that I do not eat meat, but that is ok, Things are good and I think I can be raw anywhere. People will tell you it is haram and so forth, but whatever, I tell them Allah gave us a chioce to choose what we want to eat, I did not say that eating meat is haram I just choose to eat these foods.

  • We have made it through another year! Ramadhan Mubarak to all the fasting Raw Vegan Muslims!!! I am still in Algeria!!!! Uhhhh!!! I cannot wait to get to California, Insha Allah Saturday night!!! There is hardly any fruit available now!!! Only watermelon! No banans nothing!!! My smoothie this morning was awfully thin! Insha Allah, I have a few days until I can gorge on fruits and veges!!!! Anyone of you guys going to be at the Raw Spirit Festival. Philip mentioned in a forum that we will be able to pick up our meal from 3 to around 8pm, which is great for us fasters, so we will be able to chow down on the lovely meals!

  • CarnapCarnap Raw Newbie

    You guys still here???

    How did you end up breaking your fast? I plan on having water then a fresh juice (tomato or green juice) and then some fruit, waiting and then raw salsa and buckwheat crackers. Then something heavier... I need to make a nut dish.

    I'll take a watermelon in the morning, let it digest, then do something heavier...

    How does that sound?

  • ladydaventryladydaventry Raw Newbie

    I always break my fast with a few fresh dates. A green smoothie first thing seems to keep me going.

  • sukihotarusukihotaru Raw Newbie

    assalamu alaykom, sisters olease can we re open this toppic?:) i really wanna get in touch with some raw food sister as is dificult to find them in our community...:/

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