Heavenly Orchard Herbal Concentrate

Hi everyone!

So, I recently went to a holistic healer for a problem with eczema. He could tell right away from looking in my mouth that I had a sore back... which I didn't even tell him. Well after checking me, he said I have a bowel problem where I'm not digesting certain foods properly and he gave me Heavenly Orchard Herbal Concentrate.

When I got home I took 2 and felt like I was getting a cold. I just didn't feel right. I looked it up online, and if you do the same, the only thing that comes up is saying it's not approved by Health Canada, they were all recalled 2 years ago, there's evidence these supplements may have been contaminated by lead, inorganic arsenic, and harmful bacterias.

I freaked out, took them back to the holistic guy, and he said not to worry... it's just government propaganda because they make money off sick people, etc.

But what concerns me, is the manufacturer put up a lab report on their website about the inorganic arsenic levels... but why not lead levels or bacteria levels, etc. Plus, Health Canada approves other supplements like Nature's Sunshine, etc., so why not these ones?

This stuff is expensive and the holistic healer won't exchange it for anything else.

My question is... Would you continue taking them and listen to a holistic healer with a good reputation? Or obey Health Canada and avoid them?

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