Greeting, new, need support and making friends

Greetings to all,

My name is Ann. I live in Bloomington, IL, USA. I'm 27. I was a vegetarian for a year then got sick so my dad forced me to eat meat. He thought I got sick and weak because of no meat, but I think it was because I ate wrong and because my health was always bad. I always ate cooked vegetables and rice, because I didn't know what to make. Anyway, I live by myself now and I saw raw food on youtube. It made sense! So I started researching and now I'm here! I am doing 100 days raw to start. I did 2 weeks of raw-cooked and learned some recipes. I made some easy recipes like Almond milk and flax crackers and found that raw foods are not bad at all. I bought 4 cool books to study also - Raw food real world, raw diet revolution, raw food, and idiot's guide to raw food.

My 100 day raw started yesterday and I felt fine. Today Im more tired, but I guess it is because I'm withdrawing from carbs. So I'm here because the 100 days raw would be HARD. I need support and want to make some friends. If anyone lives close to Bloomington, IL, please let me know. No one I know eats raw food and when I talk about it they seem to think I'm crazy. I really want to be able to make good friends who I can share this experience with, complain and be excited with! I want to hear about your experiences also!

I don't think I will be a 100% raw foodist after the 100 days, but I thinkt this way of eating is really going to improve my health. After the 100 days raw I will see if I want to incorporate some cooked food into my diet. But eating more raw food is here to stay. I want to make it a lifestyle.

Catch ya later,



  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Welcome Ann! Don't worry, no one here thinks you're crazy. :)



  • Raw Food is Easy! :) you'll see. soon enough. Welcome.

  • camiheartsrawcamiheartsraw Raw Newbie

    Welcome! I always research a lot before starting something and it helps. I started the diet and when I visited my mom later that same week, she was absolutely amazed at how much better I looked than when I ate meat. I hadn't told her I was trying something new and when she got it out of me, she was just happy I felt and looked well. I actually gained weight, my color came back, and a lot of my lupus symptoms were gone. I never thought they would be supportive of any type of vegan diet because they say how sickly a lot of vegans look, but they are trying to buy me a food dehyrdator and a vitamix so I stick with it! (I am buying them on my own - except the dehydrator I am getting as a wedding gift). Their reaction shocked me - so as long as you eat the right things and do your research, your improved health will convince them for you. Just be sure to get plenty of b12 and don't be afraid to supplement if you're not sure if you are getting enough. I still take a ton of supplements and am continuing b12 shots I took before I ever dieted (I was deficient even on a meat heavy diet).

  • Hi Ann,

    I'm new to the site too! I don't think I'll go completely raw, but I'm working towards more and more raw eating everyday.

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