i have just joined, actualy because I was googling abotu tooth decay and vegtarianism. My daughter has chosen to be vegetarisn (eats a little fish) since she was about 4 years old ... and saw a truck of chckens going to the chicken 'factory' near us. I admire her decision but also now am getting worried becuase she is getting very bad toth decay (in her milk teeth but still it must be indicating something either lacking or too much).. So here I am and only just realising it's a raw food site which is interesting becuase I have just become interested inraw food through a friend of mine. ANYWAY ! I have read a lot on this forum about the link between complex carbohydrates and ill health / grains etc. THis is tough one becuase my daughter loves bread and cake and eats a lot of rice with lentils which I had thought was a good option as she has no meat and quinoa and potatoes etc !!!! Could this be the problem ? I would love to make some serious changes to her diet but it is hard because she does get very hungry and short of trying to introduce meat into her diet I am not sure what to put in there ... money is an issue for us and so I tend to go with what she likes !!

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