Any Raw Friendly Places in Louisiana?

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I’m currently in the northern part of Louisiana, are there any raw places around here? I’m here for the week… I haven’t seen anything. How about just a good place to buy some organic produce? I’m doubtful, but it’s worth asking anyway!


  • Hi Germin8,

    Try emailing Audry, the lady who has this wonderful blog about raw food and life. She will probably have some info for you.

    Take care, :) Deasmiles.

  • Hi there germin8,

    I´m originally from Shreveport. In fact i´m heading back in two weeks to visit my family! I don´t know if this is the part of northern Louisiana you are speaking of, BUT, in Shreveport there is…Sunshine Health Food on Youree Drive at which you can find organic produce, they have a deli with a salad bar, and the store was excellent for vegans, i´m not sure how it is for raw processed foods though. For a nice meal, try Earthereal on Line Ave. They are renowned for their yummy top notch salads. It´s only during lunch time though. It´s not 100% raw or 100% vegan BUT I know they can hook you up. AND there actually is a vegan restaurant in Shreveport called Healthy Planet. they have a small store that sells organic produce is well, do amazing juices AND they are really nice people who I am positive could accomodate a raw diet I asked.

    Also, if you´re into the supermarket thing, Kroger generally has organic produce, at least the one on Youree Drive/70th Street. Oh, and I think there´s still a smoothie king on youree as well across from Sunshine Health Food. I hope this helps.

    Now if you´re over to the east near Monroe, I haven´t a clue.

    If you go to any of these places I´d be interested to know specifically how they ended up being for raw. It will be my first experience of Louisiana raw as well.

    Good Luck in Sportsman´s Paradise,


  • Thanks for the info! I am in Shreveport/Bossier City. I just went to the grocery store this morning and got some basic stuff there. So, I have food to last me… but, I did drive by Sunshine Health Food and Healthy Planet. I couldn’t find Earthereal! If I need more food, I defintely want to see if I can visit one of these places. Thanks.

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