Parasites causing cravings


There was a post about cravings hindering weight loss and I wanted to post this reply as a new subject since it may be helpful for others too

You probably have parasites and candida which really produce very strong cravings for junk food and create a vicious cycle because, once you start eating sugar, the candida will grow (and is probably already in your blood) and the parasites will trhive, create problems with leaky gut, pass to blood, create allergic reactions, overwork the adrenal gland and this in itself causes more cravings for the same food.

If you can start taking some anti-parasite herbs (the Hulda Clark 3-combination works well) and some anti-candida herbs (olive leaf extract is great, coconut oil works well but will make your stomach cramp if you have a high parasite/candida load because it's really powerful and will cause a strong die-off reaction almost immediately)

The other one works horribly well but I hate it because of this is the salt/vitamin c cure. 1g seasalt + 1g vit C per 10 pounds body weight, up to 16g per day. I normally stick at 12g and weigh slightly more. Split into 3/4 doses. After the first day, you'll feel pricks all over your body as the parasite rush to escape the high salt levels; worse on your head and hands/feet for some reason. Even out of your ear drums sometimes! Never scratch the pin prick until it's over since you'll cut off the microscopic worm in mid escape. Sounds disgusting - try it to see because if you get the pin pricks you know you're infested. More info at the Lymes Disease website where this cure was introduced. You can do this for 2 years but I normally give up after a week and switch to normal herbs but it's a revelation at the same time!

Try these for a few weeks with absolutely no sugar and hopefully your cravings will reduce to nothing and then you can make decisions about your diet in a calmer way, rather than feeling "you have to do this/that, etc"

A test to see if you have high candida/parasite - spit into a glass of still water. If your spit sinks or becomes strandy, you're infested. The less infested, the fewer strands until it completely floats.

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