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Hello everyone! I am a nutritionist, and my passion for raw foods and their potential for healing has grown over the last year. I am not new to raw veganism, but I am new to this forum.

My philosophy on nutrition and health is that anything is possible! The human mind and the human body are very complex, and very connected. Nothing that happens in the physical domain is independent of the emotional/spiritual/psychological/etc. I have personally healed myself from disease using diet and natural therapies, and I want to spread this message of positive life choices and self-healing.

I try very hard to keep judgment out of what I do - we are all here on this planet following our own paths, making our own decisions, and judgment is never helpful. I always support people to make informed decisions regarding their own health, but I NEVER preach my own way of life. If I have learned any one lesson in my life, its that YOU CAN'T MAKE PEOPLE CHANGE. And frankly, I don't want to. If you share with me, I will just listen. But if you ask me, I will tell you.

I was hesitant to join this site, as I find many online, public forums to be little more than a stomping ground for people who think they have all the answers, and want to prove it to everyone else in whatever insulting, judgmental, belittling way they can. And upon closer inspection here, I did find many forum threads/posts, and in some cases actual members themselves, that support this theory. However, I also found lots of great information and insight provided by many warm, smart, helpful people on this site.

So....I decided to join this site and see what happens. After all, we're all in this together :D


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    Welcome! That's the great part of life, never know what's going to happen next! I haven't been around very long at all, and have been a part of other forums, but found them ridiculous (like I was pretty much harpooned for daring to speak out against the dangers of MSG...lol, and it was a vegan web site!). This one is so in-line with my philosophy of health and lifestyle. Yes, there maybe opposing views or different beliefs than mine but I love the diversity and love getting other people's stories and point's of view.

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    Yep, so true. It's much more effective to lead my example.

    Nice to have you here, btw. :)



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