My first colonic experience

I went for my first colonic today and it was a pretty good experience. It was a little awkward at the beginning but I soon got used to it. The therapist told me "I have never seen so much undigested foods before, you need to chew more". I mean, I do chew. But I do eat a lot of melon and it seems to have almost come out the way is went in. It's really hard to chew melon a lot, because it's already so liquidy. She told me that I needed more soluble fiber to bulk up my stool, so to eat rice, quinoa, bread, oatmeal, etc. I told her that I was raw, so I don't really eat a lot of grains. Would sprouted breads, like Essene bread provide enough bulk? Any other suggestions?

p.s. I'm going back for a second treatment on Saturday.

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