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Anyone in Korea?

Hello. I live in Korea and would love to meet up with anyone here. There aren't many of us here, so I usually feel like an oddball. It would be nice not to feel that way for an hour or two.


  • Hi happy2swim - I'm currently in Kenya but will be traveling to Korea on October 17th (Seoul and then to Busan). If you're in either of those areas and want to meet up for a raw lunch or dinner, that would be awesome!

  • delalunadelaluna Raw Newbie

    Hi, I'm not in Korea, but close. Shanghai. Are you Korean?

  • Hi. I'm not in either of those cities, but I could possibly meet you in Busan. Will you be there over a weekend?

  • Hi Delalula. I'm not Korean. I'm from the States. How about you?

  • delalunadelaluna Raw Newbie

    happy2swim - I'm Chinese, but from US as well. Are there many organic products in Korea? Is it hard to be raw in Korea? I know that they eat very spicy food!

  • I belong to an organic coop, so I can order a decent selection of organic food. Also the bigger shops carry some staples. There are no raw restaurants here, so as long as you are willing to make all of your own food you can be raw here. Some herbs and things I'm unable to get. I stalk up as much as I can when I go on holidays and then make do when I run out. What's it like in China? I'd have to say that many Chinese dishes are spicier than Korean dishes.

  • delalunadelaluna Raw Newbie

    There are organic places that do home delivery, but it's expensive! I still haven't figured out the best way for me to get greens. So far I've been buying it at the local market that are eco-green.

    What about fruits? Do you eat all organic fruits? For me it would be impossible to do that, so I just buy regular fruits at the stands on every corner. I eat more fruits than veggies, and they selection is great.

    I don't eat anything spicy anymore. But I used to love korean food, bibimbap, dabookie, chapchae! Especially the korean gochujang sauce. But now my system has gotten so pure, I can't tolerate spice.

    How long are you staying in korea for? How do you socialize with raw eating?

    Oh and for things like cacao, agave, superfoods I'd have to do without. Same for raw books. So I just have to trust in instincts and listen to my cravings when it comes to eating. So far it's working out fabulously!

  • Hey there

    I am in Seoul, Korea....

    Are you still here? I am so surprised to see someone else in Korea that is raw... wahooooooooooooooo

    Lets get in touch


  • Hi~ I'm in Korea too; it's great to know there are others here! I'm very close to Seoul.

    happy2swim, can I ask how did you find an organic coop in Korea? I would love to join one too.

  • WHAT! organic co-op in Korea! I'd LOVE to join! I'm currently in Anyang, Pyeongchon-dong to be exact...about 30, 35 minutes from centre of Seoul.

    Happy2swim, how'd you join up?

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