2 days 100%, feeling strange at times...

Ok I have been drinking green smoothies for about 5 weeks and eating as much raw as I can, except the past 2 days been 100% raw. Sometimes I dont feel so good, I was wired last night couldnt sleep. Sometimes I feel empty not hungry, nothing sounds good to me, but my stomach just feels void. I have just quit smoking a month ago. I was not healthy before food wise meat processed you name it. I really enjoy all the foods I am eating and I am getting to the point where cooked food is not very appealing. I am just having some aches and pains, just feeling weird. Are these normal detox symptoms, will this pass?

I guess I am concerned I am eating enough, but like I said not hungry, just my body is used to that full feeling and just munching all the time?? i am confused


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    Well first off, I would suggest tracking your calories on a website like the daily plate at livestrong.com you want to make sure your getting enough calories to maintain, or lose weight safley. Second I would say it is just a normal detox symptom. Your body is used to feeling stuffed with unhealthy processed foods and now that you are beginning to treat it right it is beginning to sort itself out and begin to work the unhealthy toxins out of your body.

    I would say that your symptoms seems normal, but if they get really bad like horrible stomach cramping or something i would go to the doctor just in case.

    Congrats on doing 2 days 100%!


  • I expect you are detoxing.When i quit smoking there where definite periods of feeling quite strange and a bit out of it.That combined with dietary changes could definitely be the root of how you are feeling. Hang in there, cleaning out years of toxins cannot hapen over night,and if you are drinking your smoothies and eating some clean food you will start to feel better, better than you ever have!

  • Another vote for detoxing. Between the processed food and the cigarettes, you were giving your body quite the chemical cocktail to survive on day in, day out. Now that you've quit smoking (congrats!!) and are eating better (congrats!! congrats!!), your body is having to shift gears and figure out how to handle this healthy stuff you're giving it while getting rid of the stuff you used to give it. Think of it as a car that was running on bad fuel but now is being given the good stuff... all those knocks and pings have to be worked out and for a while, the car will run a bit worse before it starts running better. But eventually it will start running better.

    I also agree with Mikfizzle to track your eating and make sure you're ok nutritionally. There are several online trackers to be found, but the one I prefer the most is at nutritiondata.com. However, I think you should use the one that you feel the most comfortable with. If you don't start feeling better in 1-2 months time, definitely see your doctor.

  • sv3sv3

    I would agree with the above comments and it may be that you don't feel as hungry because your body is starting to get the nutrients it needs. I found when I first started transitioning that I needed to eat loads but others say they found the opposite. I have found recently that juicing has reduced my appetite and I'm sure this is because my system is getting what it needs. I used to be starving in the mornings and get faint if I didn't eat straight away but now I can go for a run or wait a few hours before needing anything.

    It's a big change for your body to get used to so hang in there and you'll feel the benefits. Good luck!

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