Dr Cousens and Rainbow Green Cuisine

wichtenwichten Raw Newbie

Anyone have this book or try the steps? Im considering buying it and giving his method a whirl. But i wanted to hear feedback from this community before i shelled out the cash.

How easy is it to stick with? Easy ingredients/ recipes?


  • missemymissemy Raw Newbie

    I have the book. Have read it. I think like many books you read, he really makes sense. But I have had a hard time doing it, regarding not eating sugar. (meaning natural sugars of course) I know I shouldn't as I have a compramized liver that can't seem to handle fruit even. If you are having sugar issues, then I think it's a good book to read. Is it cheaper on amazon?

  • What I like about Cousens is his medical background (both as an allopathic doctor and as a naturopath), and the science he includes in Rainbow Green. I don't follow his program in the strict sense--I don't have the health problems that would require staying on the strictest regimen in Rainbow Green, but if I did, I would follow his program. I have the DVD 'Raw for 30 days' in which people with diabetes followed his program at the Tree of Life Center and the ones who stuck it out ended up either off insulin totally (Type 2) or using way,way less insulin (Type 1). Quite inspiring.

    I do like and use the recipes in Rainbow Green, but I have found that some are rather high in oil and salt, so I just cut back.

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