Weight gain and weight loss

Has anyone gain weight since starting raw food? I want to loose 20 lbs. I was reading that you're supposed to eat a lot of greens and less fruits and nuts if you want to loose weight. Is this true? Has anyone gone through this? I'm afraid to eat nuts and fruits because I don't want to gain weight. But then I can't get enough calories and I'm hungry! Help!!!


  • Hi sixthangel9716 - I don't eat nuts and seeds (I react badly to a lot of them) but I eat one giant avocado a day (which are naturally high in fat) and tons of fruit - literally KGs of it a day - and the weight is steadily coming off. STOP READING and START EATING!! As long as you eat a varied and moderate diet (i.e. eat when you're hungry, don't stuff yourself until you feel like throwing up and do NOT deprive yourself of anything, including nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, veg, fruit, berries, avocados, etc., etc., etc.!) the weight will come off - guaranteed - and, most importantly, you'll be providing your body with ALL the elements it needs (carbs, fats, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and the oodles of nutrients) to become a well-run, efficient machine. Feed yourself raw, feed yourself often. Eating small to moderate amounts of food regularly keeps your blood sugar steady and puts your body in a stable metabolic rate (i.e. you burn MORE fat MORE efficiently!) You should eat SOMETHING (fruit is good or a small handful of nuts or seeds) every two to three hours and your stomach should definitely not be left empty for more than 5 hours at a time! When you restrict food or meals, the body goes into "starvation" mode where it actually conserves fat. So eat. Eat, eat, eat. Stop counting calories - you don't need to! (which can be amazingly liberating) and just keep everything in moderation. Hope this helps :)

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    Also, this is the healthiest diet so it is worth the risk of a bit of weight gain to reach optimal health. I imagine any weight gain could just be for the transition period while you get used to eating only raw foods, and then the body would naturally reach a healthy equilibrium which would be at a low body fat. Diet and exercise is really all that's required to keep weight down; there is no reason to have undue fear about weight appearing out of nowhere.

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