Was here in 08, left, now I'm back!

Hi, everyone, it's great to be here! I spent a LOT of time on this forum in 2008 (I was evilday), and then I sort of slowly moved back to a higher amount of cooked foods. Went through some insane emotional trauma, almost divorced, lived with my Mother for a few months (which I seriously do not recommend) and went back to school to get my certification in nutrition. My funds are still limited but I am determined to reclaim me former level of health. I've been vegan for years, so it's basically just the cooked foods that need elimination.

I am right in the middle of a 4 day juice feast, my first ever, and the detox I'm experiencing has been moderately trying, but the clarity of mind I have about my relationship with foods has been quite shocking. I'm sure that this feast was necessary because I no longer have any desires for cooked foods and more than anything I am ready to return to a high level of raw. I have always been a fan of the 811 lifestyle, and managed to complete a 30 day challenge a few months after I gave birth to my second son. I was so happy to give birth on a high raw diet, it was an amazing experience. I have never been more alive than I was on 80 10 10. I got the book after waiting a long time for enough money to appear, but it did, and I'm happy I got it. Oh, and I also brew my own kombucha!

I am reading Sunfood Diet right now and I feel that it has a lot of wisdom inside. I'm hoping to spend some more time here, maybe take part in another 80 10 10 challenge soon! Thanks to everyone for this website, it is an amazing resource.

I maintain a holistic health blog, and I am documenting my juice feast there if anyone wishes to share my experience :)


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