HI from a SCOTTISH family

hey everyone, my name is Lynn and I live in Scotland.

Myself and my oldest daughter have recently been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and we are detoxing from packaged foods to healthy raw foods. We are not quite there yet but we know it can be a process in which you take things step by step.

We have had to make decisions about what we eat to enable us to have a fighting chance with our disease. I have had it at least 23 years and I passed it to my child congenitally.

This wake up call has made us look into raw healthy foods and what our bodies REALLY need.

We have just bought the Breville juicer elite and have found a lovely local organic food and grain store.

Our next purchase is an ice-cream maker in the hope of making some coconut milk ice-cream.

I look forward to browsinig the recipes and adding some too. My partner Scott is a trained chef so our new eating plans will be testing his knowledge :)

best wishes and hello xxxx


  • Hello fraggles! Best of luck to you. My sister (identical twin) was just diagnosed with liver disease. We are trying to change to an all raw lifestyle too. I've been trying for years now with limited success. Now that my sister has this disease, it has become easier. I'm sad that she's having to enter into raw for this reason but I'm happy to have a partner. I can't imagine what this is going to be like for your 'chef husband'. It will either frustrate him for the lifestyle's limitations or it will make him a better chef with a broader skill base. I'm sorry, too, that you had to enter into Raw this way but I'm glad you're here.

  • hi lynn, all the best for your journey, whereabouts in scotland are you?

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