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cancer & kemo therapy alternatives?

Last night my mother in law got a call from the doctors saying she had a big mass right next to her pancreas. They said it doesn't look good. They have to do more tests to see what stage it's at ect.

My mother in law chain smokes, drinks only diet coke all day, eats nothing raw at all. All highly processed junk food except what I make for her for dinner. She also takes tones of 'prescription' & over the counter drugs everyday. used unnatural cleaning products and body products.

So what I'm asking is, is there anyone here that has/had or knew/ knows anyone that had cancer and fought it the natural way? We brought up the raw food diet an how it really helped people with cancer last night & she sounded really interested. I made her juice and she acted all discusting drinking it when everyone else in the house was gulping it down. (Yeah, that is how BAD she eats) Does anyone have any links for amazing stories or something that raw food has helped people with illnesses such as this.

Also she asked herself, if we knew of a natural way other than chemo therapy. I dont...i searched the internet but i dont really know what website to trust. So thats why im asking you guys.


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    The Grape Cure - it works wonders and I highly recommend you try it. Concord grapes are in season soon.





    There is also a book by Johanna Brandt about the Grape Cure.

  • freewitheftfreewitheft Raw Newbie

    Some things you can look into are megadoses of Vitamins C or D (separate protocols), the Budwig protocol (not raw), fasting, and acupuncture. HTH!

  • Wow, you are a really nice daughter in law. I hope you find what you are looking for, but please don't eliminate the prospect of Chemo. I've known people who just did natutural--none of them, really, none of the survived. However you are on the right track trying to improve her diet. Perhaps she could suppport her treatments with raw juices and smothies and other raw foods. She needs fruits and veggies big time.

  • luxdivonluxdivon Raw Newbie

    megan lyne i would highly suggest buying our letting me send you a book "the cancer cure" although I had precancerous cells, I fought it better naturally than conventianal (it's entirely the reason i am who i am today). It was based upon a vegetarian low fat diet. I took supplements (vitamin) as well as did juicing. and ate alot more vegetables. I didn't go raw at that point, but now with all the knowledge i have, going at least 50%-75% raw will help her tremendously. My cells went from abnormal headed towards cancer to normal in a few months time, following rigidly that type of diet. Good Fats are ok, and I ate tons of avocado during that time. Saturated fat was the big thing that I dramatically changed. Let me know if i can help. GOOD LUCK! at least she's interested. if you can convince her to give it even 3 weeks, i bet she would see it shrink. They cut out my bad cells twice. only after i changed my diet did my life, and those cells change. i personally would see chemo as my absolute last option.

  • Usually while there is hardly 'the cure' there is still yet many cures, that work together.

    Cancer, as you know, is made up of cancer cells. These cells need food. Many people just grow cancer. Once you stop the food source, it stops growing.

    So, that means no processed foods at all, and lots of juices, green powders, etc, etc. If she is going to eat Animal products, it MUST be mostly raw and organic. But for her situation, it might be best to skip the animal products... and go on a juicing program.

    One program I KNOW works is www.herbdoc.com. He sells his Incurables program which helps the body cure the incurables!

  • FortuneFortune Raw Newbie

    My one piece of advice is to tread lightly in situations like this. I am involved in a very similar situation right now, but unfortunately my family member is not willing to make any dietary or 'natural' health choices, even though the allopathic medical system has failed her.

    Healing is a personal choice, and one that many people choose not to make. You cannot force anyone to change or improve their diet, even if you have tons of literature and other 'evidence' to support your cause. I think it's great to enlighten people and help them along when they ask for help. But I have quickly learned that sharing (alternative or uncommon) beliefs with people when they have not asked for it, especially in times of high stress like during an illness, is the best way to drive someone away. Everyone feels it is their business to tell people how to cure themselves, or heal from disease, or whatever, but imagine how overwhelming that must feel. Especially if you have no prior knowledge of health or wellness, and your Dr. is saying something totally different - it can be hard to know 'who to believe'.

    Also, vitamin C chelation therapy is a natural alternative to chemo that can be very effective, but it can also be very expensive.

    Focusing on loving and supporting people during times of illness, and offering support when it's asked for, is about the best we can do.

  • Look into Gerson or Hippocrates. They differ in their approach but a wise person pointed out to me that there is more than one way to get well and more than one way we get sick. Pancreas cancer is one that you want to make a decision quick and move wholehartedly in that direction.

    For starters, go to your health food store and look for books on the topic. Two books on my shelf are How to Prevent and Treat Cancer with Natural Medicine and Alternatives in Cancer Therapy. There is another book that outlines all the different alternative (usually cross boarder) clinics and what their approach is.

    There is a natural symposium on cancer that meets in LA once a year around Labor Day. You might find out who presented this year and what new findings they have in the natural movement.

    As for a blended approach, one treatment comes to mind about sugar and chemo whereby the patient abstains from all sugar for a number of hours, then takes sugar laden chemo. The tumor is sugar hungry and takes the chemo right in along with the sugar, thereby minimizing the damage to other body parts by the chemo. This is the same premise that the grape juice cure works. Tumors are sugar hungry and take the grape juice right in along with all the healing properties of the juice.

    Best of health to you and your mother in law.

  • Megan, best wishes for your Mother in law. I would encourage you to encourage her to NOT rule out conventional cancer treatment. But, to definately combine conventional and alternatiave methods. I'm currently reading a book called "Why people don't heal, and how they can " by Caroline Myss (That doesn't make me an expert on healing, I'm just throwing this out for thought since it made sense to me. You may want to look into it for you M-I-L)

    Her take on healing was that there are MANY areas to cover- physical (like diet or medicines) emotional and spiritual. There may also be more than one cause of the illness: heredity, environment, diet, or emotional and spiritual. (Not everyone may feel comfortable having emotional and spiritual listed as possible contributions to disease, but please don't throw the baby out with the bathwater if you or M-I-L feels that way.)

    Anyway- she points out that gathering info is good, but that is not healing in itself. Make sure you don't spend months looking for the right treatment (especially pancreatic cancer). A diet change and meditation could be started fairly quickly. Otherwords, don't delay positive change.

    Also- she noted that it use to be people scoffed at alternative medicine and believed ONLY modern medicine would help them. Now, there is a tendency to think all modern medicine is bad and ONLY alternative methods works. (This can be deadly sometimes)

    They can complement each other. Someone mentioned about sugar and chemo- that sounds very promising. I would look into that!

    Getting mild exercise outside (like a walk in the park) is excellent for your health physically and mentally (unless there is a medical reason she can't, or really bad weather).

    Watching comedy movies are good for you too.

  • FortuneFortune Raw Newbie

    Caroline Myss is wonderful! I have read some of her stuff - she is truly insightful and her stories are very inspirational.

    There are 2 movies that have powerful raw vegan messages of healing. They can be a bit hard to watch for some people following a SAD lifestyle, but after years of nutrition training and educating myself about the body and health, they are what finally prompted me to adopt a 100% vegan diet.

    'Healing Cancer From the Inside Out'




  • I personally know a woman who diagnosed with brain and lung cancer and given an 11% chance of survival only 5 years after she survived metastatic Melanoma. What she learned was that the treatments that she'd been given during her first bout with cancer had weakened her body and immune system terribly. She had her lung and brain tumors surgically removed and then walked totally away from conventional medicine and began a regimen of every alternative thing imaginable. 4 years later, she is not only alive and thriving, but has had 12 perfectly clean quarterly cancer scans in a row. Her doctors are amazed but do not want to know what she has been doing. She said that they told her they'd give her radiation for her brain cancer but it would only make her a vegetable before she died of the cancer anyway. She didn't like the sound of that as the way to go so she made immediate and profound changes to her diet, lifestyle and way of being in the world. She said she'd rather live or die naturally than go through radiation and chemo again and wishes she'd looked harder the first time for alternative treatments. She firmly believes that the reason her cancer returned was that she never really got well in the first place. She got poisoned and so did the cancer and both she and the cancer recovered to fight each other again.

    From everything I've read and learned in the past few years, the best thing anyone can do for their health is to get their body into an alkaline state as rapidly as possible and keep it there!!! Contributing factors include FOOD, beverages, emotions, breathing, mediation, music, exercise, spirituality, etc. Basically, everything you can do to get alkaline ups your chance of survival regardless of whether the treatment is conventional, alternative or some combination.

    Actually, being alkaline ups your chances of overall wellness (mind, body and spirit) if you don't have cancer, too! Eating raw food is one very great way to get more alkaline. If you want an authoritative source of info, consult Dr. Gabriel Cousens.

    Watching someone destroy their health and refusing to change to the way you believe they should act can be very frustrating. However, you have to try to let go of your attachment to judgement and focus on being as supportive and positive as possible. This experience is giving you the impetus to learn more and to grow as a person. Try to follow the path that has opened to you and walk it with gratitude, challenging though it seems. Whatever happiness can be experienced by and with your MIL can be cherished forever in your heart.

    Blessed be!

  • Look into Paw Paw. I know 2 people taking it in place of chemotherapy.


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Raw Food Testimonials: http://www.rawfamily.com/videos/testimonials.html

    Hallelujah Acres may have something.

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