Am I doing well?


Im a newbie in rawfood diet, less than two months.

Im reading a lot about rawfood and I found there are so many ways of eating raw and know Im little confused.

Ive been 14 years vegetearian so my transition is going quite well -no cravings, just a little of headache and some lillte spots in my skin...-

Im "raw til dinner" cos at night I eat 1 slice of whole bread with my salad. I dont drink coffe, diet coke, alcohol -and I dont miss it ! :)

But in these days Im reading a lot about 80/10/10 diet based on fruits little greens and little fat and now Im confused:

-I use to put cold pressed olive oil -im spanish and living in Spain for me olive oil is basic but according to 811 is bad. Is that true?

-I use himalaya salt, is that bad? I love salty taste but if is not fine... :(

-what about onions and garlic? are they good? the same with cauliflower, alfalfa spouts, olives, dates, earth almond -tiger nut-...are they ok?

And my problem is that I like greens more than fruit (for example if I eat more than 2 medium bananas my stomach feels so full and sometimes hurts) so my diet now is like this:

-water when i wake up. Then a couple of fruits ( 2 slices of melon, or one apple and a peach, two plums...)

-lunch: about 100gr of watercress, spinach, lettuce +1/2 carrot+1/2 onion+celery+1 tomatoe+1/2red pepper+5 raw black olives+1/2 avocado or raw sweetcorn+parsley o coriander+ alfalfa sprouts (not always) olive oil, himalaya salt.

-snack about 3 h later: some grapes, or one nectarine, some coconut or dates, an apricot+one plum

-dinner: the same salad and sometimes 1 slice or whole bread.

-3 hours later I use to eat a couple of macadamia nuts, or one walnut or some pistachios

Is this diet ok?

Do I have to eat more fruit? I found over forums and blogs people who eat 10 bananas, one watermelon, 5 mangoes or 500gr of dates and that sounds impossible to me! too much sweet ( i dont really like sweet flavour in general even if its from fruits....In the past, sometime I felt dizzy because of low levels of sugar and i had to eat dates or something sweet just because was an "emergency" but not ...i was a indian vegan spicy recipes lover and, well maybe sounds weird but I ate red hot chilly peppers as snack!! so imagine)

To sum up, am I eating too much greens? am i lack of fruits? Do yo think is balanced? Do i need other foods? avoid others?

Thanks a lot!!!



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    I think you're doing terrific. For only being in two months I'm amazed at how well you are doing with it, it can be pretty hard at first. Ive been raw for about 2 and 1/2 years and in my experience all those things like not using salt and olive oil etc are things that you do once you've matured, after your body is used to what its been into and is ready to move up a phase. You're meals sound incredibly realisitic and I would stick with it until you find a desire to change it up a bit. Making it too strict on yourself early on can make you get sick of it fast and give up, don't do that, raw foods is great, keep doing what you're doing and learn more about it, read a little and enjoy the stages of it. I personally am very proud of you.


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    Yes, we 8/1/1 raw vegans consider Olive Oil a junk food, empty calories at best. You are transitioning, salt is not optimal and you should wean yourself off of it, along with garlic and onions. You can find more info about that on, which holds most of the Natural Hygiene opinion on raw foods. Keep transitioning, as long as it takes. The point is getting there, doesn't matter how fast, unless of course you have serious health complications, then transition should be a bit quicker and more urgent. I would suggest having a long term goal of ending up at fruits and vegetables only, as these are real health foods. You'll have to give up those addictions to spicy foods and concentrated flavors. Question everything you read, and make decisions for yourself. Good luck.

    EDIT: "for example if I eat more than 2 medium bananas my stomach feels so full and sometimes hurts" Didn't see that. Reduce your fat consumption and see that fruit is effortless to go down. The worst mistake for most people is blaming the fruit for their problems, when they try 8/1/1 styled eating.

  • Thanks a lot littlemaria ans the59sound! :)

    Im going to check the link.

    I have some doubts about my diet cos i dont feel "super energized" as many raw vegans say in their blogs...but maybe is my detox process...Im going to continue like this and if I feel tired i will add smoothies and juices ( better way to take fruits 'cos I just have to drink hehe).


  • any time:) smoothies and juices are the best for that

  • i think the most important thing is to listen to your body!!! someone else may be able to eat 10 bananas but that doesnt work for everyone. My fiancee and I are both raw vegans, we live together, and we DO NOT eat the same. We just can't because our bodies want different things.

    If you feel fantastic, continue doing what your doing!!! Forums, books, lectures etc are awesome sources of information but lets say you read that brazil nuts are great for this and that so you start eating brazil nuts and you find that they just dont agree with you. Then you probably shouldnt be eating brazil nuts. Simple as that. Try not to get caught up in the he said this was great, but she said it wasnt blah blah blah. At the end of the day, what counts the most is how you feel emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually etc!!!

  • 80/10/10 doesn't advocate "little greens" - it advocates greens in abundance, the tender, leafy, easy-to-digest variety.

    I agree with 59 that as soon as you get rid of that fat, you'll feel better eating fruit, which will give you the energy and nutrients you need.

    For example, 1/3 of an avocado or 1 oz. of nuts for your nightly salad is all the fat you will need. So I wouldn't be surprised if that afternoon fatty salad with olives, avocado, and olive oil (plus salt and olives are salty) would weigh you down.

    Don't get me wrong - you're doing great, but those are just some ways to make it better. :)

    And it sounds like you want to thrive!

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